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Bill and Marilyn were there names i think just turning 50 they sold all of there three businesses and there house, they have three kids in there early twenties and no longer have jobs or a home, they are from Sarina Ontario. They are woofing around the country, and traveling the world at least for a year there plan as it stands doesn't have an end. I know from Newfoundland there head to Cape Breton and then other areas of Nova Scotia then off to the Dominican then to South East Asia then to B.C. in April.  These two kind sweet good natured people adopted me as a woofer child i guess for the time they were here it was there first time woofing too but i feel what they are doing is just absolutely amazing. They took me on my first trip to Cape Spear and on other short outings like Chapters. When we went to Cape Spear it was calm and sunny i climbed around the rocks and followed to east coast trail a ways picking blueberry's and scenic short to take pictures of.  I went on the rocks i was not supposed to the ones kids get swept away into the ocean if they stand on, i lived through it, but a couple kids each year do die on those rocks. I also stood on the most eastern point in Canada and took in the ocean the blue the fact that the next piece of land over was Europe and wondered when i would make it over there look back and reflect on this moment i am writing about.
On Friday the 25th there was a staff party at The Organic Farm. Out of the 14 people who came one of the old employees brought a friend that friend happened to be Noah a kid i met in Katimavik once he's from Guelph and just happened to end up at the Organic Farm ?? when i saw him i said "hey my names Jon" at that moment we both paused and then it clicked that hey we'd met before roughly nine months earlier this was a strange meeting... sometimes it feels like Katimaviks following me.
The weekend Bill and Marilyn left the farm for Bonavista i went on a hike from Fort Amherst in St. Johns to Cape Spear a 14km hike it was a sunny day not a cloud in the sky i hiked like a mad man with a mission and the biggest grin these are the moments i live for to eat lunch sitting on a pinisula jutting out in to the ocean 1 meter on each side then a sharp cliff and waves crashing and smashing against it oh what a day I met a friendly lady who said she'd contact me to go hiking so we wouldn't have to hike alone... but she never called. But it sure was one of those priceless days they make comercials about.
The next week Bill and Marilyn were on another farm (Newfoundland Pony Project farm), they took me out a couple times this week too first was to there farm a nice house perched on a cliff over looking Torbay with grazing lands for the pony's and located pretty much on there doorstep was the east coast trail so we took a stroll down there then reluctantly took me home. The next day we went around the pinisula to Bualine continuing around to pouch cove (do not pronounce it as a bag or pocket but like a nickname for a dog or you will be made fun of) where we started a hike to shoe cove. But not before meeting Elke shes quite famous with locals we were both supposed to woof at her house but she ended up not needing any help. She is an elderly German lady who helped start the east coast trail and invites hikers to come and have lunch at her house and bed and breakfast and apperantly gives her dog to hikers to take him for walks like us. It was a greyish day but the hike still had lots of buleberry's and scenic views. After the hike we had lunch with Elke and then headed back to Torbay to have super made for us by Star and Rayn the people who rent the house on The Pony Farm. The night was filled with Consiperacy theroy's,  all sorts of intellectual conversation and wine of course that was a day to remeber.
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