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So since the last entry what have i been doing lets see... well Carissa and Andrew took me over to bell island and there we were able to go on a mining tour and a small hike, the mining tour was cool we were almost under the ocean i know wicked cool no? the small hike looked across at brocks head and the waterfall we were out on these cliffs over looking the ocean and we saw the rain coming but it didn't not hinder our curiosity we stood there and got battered by the rain as the sun started to set and the rainbow was lurking just a ways off in the ocean. Later that week us woofers had a fire and hung out it was quite nice it was not till later i found out james hated me and wanted to beat me up. I gusse i just pissed him off by being quite and keeping to myself a lot. On Monday Andrew and Carissa drove me most of the way to Gros Morne when i arrived it was pouring down on mei was the only one in the hostel (which was an old abandonded hospital. Creepy!) late that night a couple arrived they were very nice shared some beer with me. The next day i hitchhiked to the Tablelands and a man took me for lunch and droped me off and picked me up from my hike and drove me back to the main road which was an hour out of his way the poeple i've met are sooo nice, i'm planning to go have supper at his house before my trips over. The Tablelands were amazing and even though they were covered in fog and i lost the path i had a great time hopping from rock to rock picking up all sorts of cool stones that filled my pockets. Of course i put those back before i left the park though :). The rain came down and by the time i had got back to the parking lot to meet up with the kind man named rob i was drentched from head to toe my back pack was dry though. On the following day i hitchhiked to Western Pond Broke Inlet and took the ferry down the pond if thats what you call a pond i call it a massive lake thats where i met the nice poeple from massatushits, i can't spell please forgive me, who gave me a ride back to my hostel and picked me up the next day hitchhiking back to Portugal Cove. But going down this Inlet on the boat watching the massive cliffs slowly glide by and the water pouring down from the platues above making the most picturesce scene. I was speechless as the lady next to me talked of how she'd been down the inlet four times and thinking how lucky she was to have this just around the bay. The next day i hitchhiked home to find two new woofers and meeting all sorts of characters i'll tell you about another time.
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Norris Point
photo by: TessaHill