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So my weekend was quite but i did end up going on a hike with the east coast trails association from Ferryland to Aquafort, this was not my best hike weather was not great views were moderate nothing like the other trails i had done it was a bit of a flop but the company was good and i met some very nice people. the next day was my goodbye to Bill and Merylin we drove down to the Colony of Avalon which is one of the richest archeological digs in North America we also stopped in Witless Bay and another cove or point then drove back up the coast and went to PI pizza for dinner and it was some good pizza. Two new Woofers had arrived by this point Shelly from Montreal and Arikea from Holland me and Shelly never really hit it off but so it goes while me and Arikea stayed up late talking laughing and playing cards. Shelly had a car and drove us to the Rooms on the 7th it's the museum art gallery and archives and we enjoyed the exhibits and the Bucky the Beaver. After that went and got some coffee from Hava Java one of the oldest coffee shops supposedly in St. John's after that we went and got a beer and listened to some live Irish folk music the guy really put his heart into it. On the 11th me and Arikea got taken out for traditional Newfoundland food, then planned on going to the Johnston Geo center but the weather was so nice we decided let go for a short hike while we ended up going from signal hill to Quidi Vidi then half way to logy cove just a couple meters away from the dump. Then we hiked back into town got some coffee and ice cream from moo moos and then headed to meet up with Mike and Toby. Me and Arikae also hiked from St Phillips to Portugal Cove one day both those hikes were just so much fun the one from signal hill was on a really windy day. Thanksgiving here was strange.... nothing like a Thanksgiving i'm used to maybe because they're from the USA but i don't think it would be different on that day either. On Tuesday it was just a beautiful day sun was shining after a week of clouds pretty much so i got myself dropped off in Torbay and hiked to Middle Cove and sat and watched the waves i tried to hitchhike home but with little luck the hike was 4km the walk home was over 11km i was some tried when i walked in that door i almost dropped dead.
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