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I turned 21 on October 15th 2009 I celebrated with two Woofers and Mike and Melba the owners of the Organic farm, I didn't work that day Shelly and Arikea and I went down to Cape Spear the sun was shining and the waves were high. The day before it stormed like mad and there was wind that was shaking the wall my bed was pushed up against. But these waves were something else the crashing and splashing I forgot my jacket and Shelly had to cloth me form extra stuff in her car shes so kind. We hiked about half way to Maddox Cove and even though i was dressed in her extra cloths i was still cold but i enjoyed my birthday hike, i was very contimplative on this day not talking much. They also treated me to ice cream from Moo Moos and this time i got Newfie Storm not as good as Turtle Cheescake. Melba had said i could choose my meal  and i choose Lesanga go figure right. Well i had been talking about how i was getting mail and so as a nice gesture she got everyone on the farm to send me a piece of mail and the girls had made these patches "If it ain't dutch it ain't much" and "I Heart NL" and theyu gave me both of those which was nice even though it was on yellow flower print fabric. It was just a funny day birthdays i'm thinking about not celebrating it anymore not becasue of age or anything but i don't know....
On the sixteenth we went out and saw rah rah the pathological lovers and i know the last band had whale in the title it was a good show lots of dance.

On the 18th and 19th we did a trip up to Bonavista there was snow on the ground we camped ha. Checked out the tip of Bonavista Shelly found a moose head i found a whole bunch of bird wings (ripped of a bird but no boddies) then we checked out the dungon which is this giant hole with water coming in and a bridge of land over one side soon it will just be a stack. Bonavista was short lived and we took detours on the way home on Sunday and had to drive back through very thick fog we went about sixty the whole way and we were all watching for the dreaded moose on the road but luckly there were none.

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