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So the day after camping me and emily just took a day to relax. we forgot a bunch of stuff on our trip but the other things we did were watch horrer movies and HPATHBP which was as cool as harry can be. Our Saterday was spent together dreading the next day which would be my last we spent all of Saterday just us together hanging out. Then Sunday my last day was spent with her and her parents i really would like to have switched the days. But we went to the African Safari which was cool and then the rest of our time together sliped by and next thing i knew i was on my 31 hour train ride back to Halifax i met some very kind people who fed me and talked with me and treated me just so good. I also saw the land fly by and transform i think i love traveling by train just to see things speed by and to wake up and your still moving and the land is still flashing by. But i made better progress with my thumb. When i got into Halifax i walked up to Sams and just rested and then went out with Cass. Shes a girl who was in another group and we reminised about the program even though I've been doing that a lot but it was a good night. Today i tried to get a doctors appointment but it would have costed me 120 to get my canada world youth forms filled and worked on upgrading my passport which i needed a bunch of addresses i needed from the internet and i organized all my stuff since I'm heading to Sydney tomorrow.
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photo by: frankcanfly