Third day in Dallas

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After a late night bowling on the second day, Richard and I decided to sleep in a little bit... we woke up at 10am, played some video games, then ate a vietnamese breakfast/lunch called "boon bah wae", made by Richard's auntie!  It was super good stuff, as if it came from a really good restaurant!! We watched some HBO while we ate and were very full from the meal.  Afterwards cousin Richard and his girlfriend Ariza took us out to downtown Dallas!  Ariza showed us her new apartment and she and cousin Richard led us downtown where we rode the trolley to our shopping destinations.  We had some really good yogurt while we were there too.  We went into a shoe store where Richard bought a really cool t-shirt, then walked around til we found a toy store, similar to spencer's but nOT dirty, more fun cartoon-like items! I have to mention that the weather was pretty warm outside, and we were walking outdoors the entire time and got tired quick!  The air was slightly humid (as it is in Texas during the summer) but the direct sunlight was really hot and made us sweat like crazy! We then decided to head back to the apartment, rest, then head on straight to the main store cousin Richard loves most: KidRobot Store!  Located also in downtown, nearby their apartment, it was a linear layout with toys in display cases and toys for sale lining the hall-like store.  Richard and I were able to find some nice kidrobot t-shirts, and I bought a "Munny" toy, small size, for myself!  I'll probably think of what to paint on it when I get back home! It was a fun time in the store. 

After shopping, we were taken back to the main house where we prepared for a visit to a public pool by Alec's friend's house (Jimmy and Linda's house). We drove to the nearby community pool and stayed there for over an hour... I was helping Richard learn to doggy paddle and float.  It was a fun time splashing around in the pool after sweating all this time in the Texas heat!  It seemed to be perfect weather for swimming -- air was warm, sun was setting.  After our nice poolside break, we went back to Jimmy's to wash up and get ready for a chinese food dinner!  Alec drove us there and cousin Richard showed up shortly after we arrived, and a few of Alec's friends including Jimmy, Shelly and Thanh showed up later just to hang out after dinner.  The food was really good! We had fried rice, fried squid, kung pao chicken, walnut shrimp, wonton soup and another dish with beef and veggies that cousin Richard really liked.  Best thing is that we got some complimentary dessert -- fruit salad with some sort of milky broth.. don't know if it has a name, but the fruit was really good! We were super full after that meal (but of course we got pretty full after EVERY meal we've eaten here in Texas!)

By the time we were finished it was around 11pm... we planned to head on over to a bar suggested by Alec called Zubar near downtown. After resting a bit at the house we drove to pick up Alec's high school friend, Josh, and his girlfriend Amber before arriving at Zubar.  There we had a few drinks and stayed until closing time which was at 2am.  The drinks got us a bit hungry for some food so we went to Denny's nearby for a quick late night dinner!  Richard and I shared a breakfast grand slam which was very satisfying! We drove home after Denny's and were super tired! I think Richard and I finally went to bed at 5am-ish...we woke up the next morning at around noon....!
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