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I mentioned in the previous entry that we woke up rather late this morning compared to the previous nights.  We got up at around noon and woke up Alec around the same time so that we could all get ready for our Sunday plans!  Of course we first played some SF4 before leaving the house, Richard was still trying to work on unlocking Seth which involves winning Arcade Mode with all the characters.  We also have been trying to learn the moves of different characters while trying to unlock the characters.

Anyway, we were able to leave for lunch a little after some SF4. We ate at Twisted Root, a really good burger place with a fun atmosphere.  Instead of being given numbers for our orders, we were given cards with famous people's names on them.  Richard ordered a cheeseburger with guacamole and I had a mushroom burger with onionssss and had Twisted Root Beer as my beverage.  This lunch was really good! We were all super full again afterwards.  Josh and Amber met up with us there to have burgers too.

The big event of this Sunday was the shooting range! Richard and I took a try at shooting a Loc 19 gun, 9-millimeter.  I had a hard time with the gun, but Richard and Alec were really good! Cousin Richard showed up shortly after we got there to shoot with us.  He said he hadn't been shooting for a long time... last time was 6 years ago...!  He also had trouble at first, but it was ME who had the most difficulty since my arms aren't as strong, I think, and.. my aiming was probably off a bit!! I wasn't very consistent with my shots, but at least I got somewhere on the target here and there.  Richard did really well for his first time though! We shot a total of 400 bullets, 16 bullets per turn.  Oh, and this shooting range was outside so the weather was pretty intense, we were really sweaty and thirsty by the time we left, and the loud noises of all the gunshots, including my own, were exhausting my hearing! We decided that a boba run would be a good follow-up, though, so we went back to Saigon Mall for more delicious asian drinks.

Since we were all sweaty from being outside so long at the range, we went back to the house to change our clothes and get ready for dinner.  We went outside with Remy for a bit then left for dinner with the family at a vietnamese restaurant in a plaza in the city of Richardson.  All of us besides the Uncles and Aunts were still kinda full from lunch so we didn't stuff ourselves at HoangLy Restaurant, although we ended up more full from it!  But the food there was also really good!  Richard and I don't usually eat out at vietnamese restaurants back at home, we would usually go to chinese places, so this was a good change for me.  I liked our 7-course meal despite the baby coakroaches that scared us at the beginning and end of our mealtime. 

We said our see-ya-laters to cousin Richard and Ariza then went with Alec to hangout a bit with a couple of his friends at a Japanese restaurant called Blue Fish at a new shopping center in the city of Allen.  Richard had some sake with his cousin his friend Han.  I just had some lemon water which Richard found to be super sour!  But I liked it.. :D  After that, we went outside to chill a bit by a Water Buffalo statue..

Our last thing on our plans of the day was to pick up some fried cheesecakes to take home!  This fast food place called Hall's Chicken was located near the house.  Richard and I ate a fresh one right when we got back just to try it.  It was really warm and yummmy!! It's about bedtime right now so I must get ready for bed and pack a little bit... In the morning we will pack everything up, get some quick breakfast then drive to the airport where we will say see-ya-later to Dallas until next time............
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