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Despite the humidity and thick summer heat of Texas, Richard and I decided to get up in the morning of the second day to run. We ran a mile, but that's all we needed to end up dripping in sweat by the time we arrived back at the house! We made sure we had enough suntan lotion on before we left -- we got a little darker just from that short run!  We just ran around the neighborhood, hoping to just make a simple circle around the block but ended up on the larger street called Military and ran along the edge of the road, hoping not to get hit! But we found our way back safely!

We felt once again refreshed after we took a nice after-run shower then relaxed in our room, watching HBO prior to breakfast/lunch.  By the way, I must mention that every destination here in Texas is far from each other compared to destinations such as the market or mall or restaurants back in Southern California.  The roads are long and wide, the freeways wide and open, residential areas separated from each other, no squishing of homes together or lack of parking anywhere -- "everything's BIG in Texas"!!

So back to our day... For lunch/breakfast we ate at Another Broken Egg Cafe located in Garland, TX.  The breakfast there was DELISH!!! Richard had crab cakes atop of biscuits with potatoes, I had an omelette with crawfish, shrimp, ham and mushrooms mixed in with biscuits and potatoes.  SO gOOD!  We ate with cousin Alec and Uncle.  After foods, we dropped off Uncle at Kroger's market where Auntie works. (Uncle wanted to surprise Auntie by showing up there when she was almost off work so that they could go shopping together.  According to Alec, Uncle likes to surprise her sometimes like that... I thought that was sweet. :D )  Shortly after we made our way to a vietnamese plaza to grab some boba drinks! Richard and I got Thai Tea and Alec got an Almond slushie. Both drinks were soooo good, didn't know Texas also has great asian drinks! hehe!

We arrived back at the house to relax once again.  We played SF4 again then tried out Gears of War2 until cousin Richard dropped by for a visit to the house.  We then took a short trip to the closest mall which was 10 minutes from the house.  It was really packed in there, so many shoppers!  I liked the layout of the mall, it wasnt a boring rectangle-like layout.  Anyway! Richard was able to find swim trunks and I, a bikini for swimming the next day.  Cousin Richard found a nice button shirt on sale too -- he was really happy!

Once we found what we wanted to buy, we went back to the house and met up with cousin Alec then drove to Richardson, TX for dinner at a Korean BBQ place! It was a pretty nice restaurant.  We all (including Alec's group of friends) ordered the BBQ buffet, everything was really good!! Pork, beef, ribs, spicy noodles, pancake with onions (forgot what it's called)! After dinner we had yogurtland next door.  It was a Korean plaza.  Oh, forgot to mention that we all had Soju also.  It was PLAIN soju this time, no mix-ins!  I had three shots, everyone else who had some had four.  Richard and I didn't feel anything, but cousin Alec did! He didnt get much sleep the previous night so he felt so tired and blahhh. We had his friend, Mike, drive us Linda and Jimmy's house so that he could rest for a while!  But shortly after his rest we decided to go bowling with cousin Richard.  I didn't do too well in bowling but Richard scored 156 on the second game! Pretty good score!

After bowling, which was at like 1am.. we decided to call it a night.  It was another long day! :)
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photo by: stacygirl