Day 2 - Istanbul - Day of the mosques - Stevie

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Day 2: Istanbul - Day of the Mosques - Stevie


We woke up the morning, pretty early without hardly any sleep. But we still had a lot of energy so went to the roof terrace for breakfast. After that we decided to just walk towards the Mosques and see whatever the day would bring. We left the hostel and walked towards the Mosques, when it suddenly started raining like crazy! Great! We didnt leave the Dutch weather behind.. no we took it with us! We were looking for shelter from the rain and ended up under and overhanging roof of a jewelry shop.

After standing there for 15 minutes and watching the streets getting absolutely flooded, somebody from the shop came out and invited us in. The guy turned out to be Dutch. He was born in Istanbul but had spent most of life in the Netherlands. He gave us a tour of the building we had been standing in front of. In the building was a jewelry shop, and a place where they sold ceramics and carpets. In the basement of the place there was a part of an old cistern. It was very pretty. There was a choir coming over to sing there in the evening so they were setting up a stage overthere. That was just the most awesome location for a place like that. After the tour the owner of the shop invited us up to the roof of the building to have some appletea. There were tables and chairs on the roof and the view from there was just amazing. We had some appeltea which we really did not like :) but it was great to try it! The owner from the shop told u about the different areas of the city and we have a great view over the city so he pointed everything out to us. This experience was unbelievable to me. This person we didnt know was really friendly and funny. The rain just came out of nowhere and this person just invited us in and a shelter from the rain turned into a great travelexperience. We talked about life in the Netherlands and the owner told us everything about his childhood in Netherlands. After receiving some parting gifts (!!) we said our goodbyes and went back to the streets. I almost couldnt believe what just happened. This was a great start of our trip.

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photo by: Memo