Day 1 - Nijmegen - Uden - Amsterdam - Istanbul

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Women of the world: Are you in need of an ego-boost? Pack your bags and visit Istanbul. You’ll be treated like a goddess there! If not.. Still pack your bags everyone and go and visit this beautiful city. I strongly recommend Istanbul to everyone. Its an amazing, interesting and almost magical city! Istanbul was very high on my Dream Destinations-List. The place seemed very mystical and magical to me. My favorite TV show is a Dutch TV show about a Dutch chef, Rudolph van Veen. In his show ‘The taste of Life’ he travels the world to explore the world’s cuisine. 2 of my favorite things combined in 1 show, Food & Travels! In one of the episodes from last season, Rudolph and his crew went to visit Istanbul.

After seeing this episode I was sure, I was going to visit Istanbul soon. I booked a trip to Istanbul together with my friend Danique. The moment was there on the 6th of August. After working almost every day in the month of July and really counting the days the 6th had finally arrived.. WOOHOO..!!


Day 1 : Nijmegen - Uden - Amsterdam - Istanbul


I woke up in the early morning of the 6th.

The day had finally arrived! Tonight I was going to travel to Istanbul!! Yaay!! My alarmclock woke me up at 06.30. I had already packed all my things the day before and I had put all my bags at the door of my apartment in Nijmegen, so after work I only had to change clothes and grab my stuff and go. At 07.00 I got on my bike and went to work. I work at different homes for the elderly in and around Nijmegen. The official term for what I do there is Nutrition-assistant. It’s my sidejob next to my studies. It was very very very busy at work because of the vacation period. We were in need of way more nurses and everything was very hectic. When I arrived at work somebody from the staff asked me if I could stay longer today. Which was not possible because.. I was going to Istanbul :). What a lovely reason to say no. I was really counting the hours until I could finally go home. I stepped on my bike and went home as fast as I could. I changed my clothes and took all my bags and started walking towards the bus station.
I was in the bus at 12.04. So I was perfectly on schedule! I arrived at our house in Uden at 13.10. Phew! I still had enough time to shower, transfer all my clothes and stuff to a bigger bag and I was perfectly ready to go at 16.00.


We drove to the trainstation in Oss, a city near my hometown. Danique and me were so excited. During the whole trip we were going : WOOHOO!! We had to transfer to another train at the Central station of Den Bosch and then we arrived at Schiphol Airport around 1.5 hours after we had left Oss. The flight was really pleasant (Big KLM fan overhere), altough the guy sitting next to me said: What are u going to Istanbul for? Only old people go there! That was not very encouraging! We arrived in Istanbul at 01.

10 in the night. The men trouble already started at the airport when we tried to get a taxi. The guy behind the counter was only talking about a date he wanted to have with us instead of the taxi we wanted to get. It was really annoying at this point because we were sooooo tired.. And the guy was also really really old :) hihi.. We tried to be polite but at some point we just said: Get us the damn taxi! And so finally we were on our way so Sinbad Hostel. The place we would be staying at for the next 6 days. A backpackers hostel in the area of Sultahnamet. So.. what to say about Turkish drivers.. Let’s say it was scary at times.. :). After asking everyone we saw in the streets where this hostel was (I had even given the taxi-driver the address) we arrived at Sinbad Hostel. We were welcomed by some very friendly people and were taking to our small room on the top floor of the hostel. We just went to sleep right away because we were sooooo tired. We didn’t sleep much that night.. The heat.. The adrenaline.. a dripping shower (!!!) and the first morning prayer..

skydiver says:
I was in Istanbul around the same time like you now!!!!!! 5th and 6th of August. Would have been funny if we bumped into each other. :-)
Posted on: Aug 15, 2009
aotw says:
I agree with you, Istanbul is a fantastic city I also love Turkish people, I found a lot of them so nice and helpful. Didn't have too much trouble with men, because when I say no, most of them understand me quickly hahaha.
Posted on: Aug 14, 2009
mypictures4u says:
Hm... if I understand you correctly I should not go there. Since I am a man :P Anyway, great you had a blast there! :)
Posted on: Aug 14, 2009
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