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The day arrived where I'm on VACATION. Work seemed endless this week and every minute I couldn't tell if I was excited to be traveling or exhausted of thinking about it and all the details of my trip for so long. But now I had to answer...EXCITED!
After spending close to 12 hours flying from LA to Philly to Madrid the last 5-6 of those feeling like I was squished into a very small sardine can called a US Airways flight)
But I digress...which I actually should for a moment. On that 2nd flight from Philly to Madrid luckily I asked for an aisle seat because the poor guy next to me named Ron (guy from Philly who works Pharmaceutical sales...heh i think, my memory is a little leaky by this point) was seriously uncomfortable during this whole ordeal.
But he good-naturedly held up some nice conversation for some of the flight.
Anywho, so I finally get off the tin can and head to pick up "the pack". Now this is the first time I'm trying to do the backpacking thing so the drama of packing that actually started the night before. Which I don't need to get into. Back to the airport. Btw, Madrid airport has to be be one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones I've been in with its wavelike ceiling undulating for what seems like forever.
I finally get my bag, text Carla to let me know I'm on my way and its time to master the Metro. So I pick up a map, buy my 10 pack of tickets and away I go. Taking the escalator down who do I see but Ron, my flight seatmate. Seems like we are heading in the same direction so we decide to give it a go together.
Now I'm trying to follow the directions Carla gave me which are very detailed but one thing it lacks is the fact that one of the lines I need to take, #6, is closed at exactly the stop I need to get off. OF COURSE. So Ron and I take the detoured route. 3 trains and many stops later its time to say goodbye. This was just the start of meeting so many great people along the way on this trip.
Train #10 to Iglesia and out the exit...I'M HERE. In SPAIN. The feeling was great and the fact that I was going to see a friend I hadn't seen in close to 15 years made it that much better. I climbed up 4 stories to her apt and amazed by the size of it. She definitely got lucky when it comes to European apartments. We talked for about an hour or so before I realized I was just gonna pass out.
So I set my alarm to take an hour nap and laid down. Lol, 4-5 hours later I got up. Way overslept but I was definitely refreshed for the night ahead. And little did I know it then but I'd need it. So I finally get up and take a shower. My friend is a sweetheart and has prepared some little bites to eat as we drink a bottle of wine before her friend Talia gets there.
The night was about to begin and little did I know how long this night would be. To start off my friend had gotten tix to an outdoor concert with Orishas and Calle 13. Concerts in Madrid have such a different feel than ones I've been to in LA. Everyone there is feeling good, ready to have a great time, dancing in the stands. My kind of people ;-) And of course drinking. It was the perfect way to start my adventure.
After the concert we had a birthday party to attend so we headed to this little bar, of course I have no recollection of the name sadly :-(
It was the start of the bar hopping night of meeting new friends and just having a great time. I'll never forget and that's just day 1...
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photo by: vulindlela