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Hello Again!!

So we obviously haven't been very good at keeping this thing updated, most would think it's cause we're busy having so much fun but truth is we just keep forgetting. :P Actually we've been having a fabulous time and have been meeting the most amazing people, we're gonna miss them so much when we leave here. Man I can't believe it's only three weeks until we go to Thailand!!! Ahhhhh!! We still have so much to prep for our trip like accommodations, travel insurance maybe some hookers who knows but hey we've got time.


OK so here's the skinny: We are currently living in Wailuku Hawaii and are staying at a hostel here, we work here so we don't have to pay rent which is awesome!! Wailuku, by the way, is on Maui and Maui is freakin amazing!! I cannot begin to explain the energy here but it's so beautiful it's hard not to be happy. I work as the head housekeeper so I work 20 hrs a week and get $100 a week on top of free rent. Ginger has a second job in Lahaina at a cute little cafe style resturant, she's there twice a week in the evenings. Which she happens to be on her way there right now so say "have fun at work Ginger!!!" Working at the hostel is pretty fab cause you know you wake up 5 min before you start have some coffee and walk down the hall! The people we work w/ are quite entertaining so our jobs are anything but boring, we've also mastered making beds of course I still refuse to make mine. lol We only work 4 hrs a day so we get to run off and do whatev in the afternoons.


Oh we have a car!!! It was $600 and we split it w/ another girl that works here. The car's name is Eva!! And she's gonna be an art car!! One of the guys here does graphic design and other artsy crap so he's gonna make our car into a mural it's gonna have a bird on it so when the doors open it looks like wings!! :) We've been stickering the heck out of it so it looks local!! ;) It was cheap as hell so it's a little umm worn I guess. Basically it's a beater w/ a radio and we heart it!!


So other than working we've pretty much been drinking, sunning, partying and more sunning! Some of you may have seen the many pictures from our theme parties and there will be more cause in a few weeks will be our going away party. Still not sure on a theme we need something to top the "Anything But Clothes" party. That was super wicked! The people here a really freakin awesome and the hostel staff is like some sort of weird derranged family. It's great fun though since the party pretty much never stops. We also made friends w/ two girls from Ireland who have an apt nearby. They will actually be throwing an Irish party this Saturday, Meat, Potatoes and green beer!! Along w/ Irish dancing and drinking games, yeah we have a rough life but hey someone's gotta do it! ;)


I guess that's all I have for now the pics are on facebook and more will be coming. I'm gonna be heading to Oahu on the 25th so my time in Maui is quickly coming to an end. A bit sad about it but it's time for a new adventure!! In three short weeks we will be in a crazy busy city where we don't speak the language. Talk about culture shock after being lazy and slow for 2 and half months. I will try and shout one more update before we leave the states if not see ya on the flip side!! Miss everyone and hope you all are having an amazing time missing us!! :P Take care!! Aloha!


P.S. This was Penelope writing. :)

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photo by: danielrice20