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Immediately upon descending down the metal stairs into the cave opening the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. Once inside the air took another 20 degree drop.  I kept thinking to myself that it would be a great place to store wine, the perfect climate!! 

At 52 consistent degrees we learned about the limestone of all caves, the lifeline on the ceiling, and how the caverns were excavated.  Crawling through these spaces was no small feat!  We knew in advance what to wear for this adventure, so at least elbows, does and knees were protected.

I never felt claustrophobic in the tunnels, but some in the group definitely did.  Since it was a mostly dry July we had very little puddling to deal with, thankfully.  Though one tunnel was sporting a chilly pool of 2" that was virtually unavoidable.

Once we entered the main cavern we learned it was at least 40' feet tall and that we were not yet standing on the floor.  Last year in August torrential flooding was prevalent in the region and Lake Delton's walls gave way and caused a state of en emergency throughout several counties.  The vary cave we were standing in flooded and where we stood would have meant last year we would have been covered by 18" of water above us!  A scary thought!

This cave is still "alive and growing."  With active bacteria in the cave stalactites and stalagmites are continuing to form.  If the oil from the human skin touches these formation the chemical reaction acts as a barrier on the formation and it discontinues growing in effect killing off the growth. 

What an interesting, cool, and comfortable way to spend an afternoon on a hot summer day!
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Inside the 40 cave.
Inside the 40' cave.
photo by: sweetsummerdaiz