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The "Polterabend" is the German tradition that replaces the hen / stag do. On the whole it's a party to celebrate the last day of "freedom" as in other traditions as well but it also looks to the future: guests bring all sorts of breakable things to smash at some point during the celebration and the couple will then have to sweep it up together as the first symbolic act of cooperation. The only things that are not allowed to be smashed are mirrors because of the superstition that breaking these will bring 7 years of bad luck

Unfortunately, as most of the guests were British, there was nothing to smash because they hadn't brought anything. So instead we had a very nice evening chatting and catching up with some old friends I hadn't seen in years, eating and generally having a good time out in our garden.
Towards midnight the two best men (I know, unusual!) decided it was time to follow another German tradition if there wasn't going to be any plate-throwing: the kidnapping of the bride!

So I was led away from the party and a ransom note delivered to my then-fiancé that he had to either pay €100 to the kidnappers or to prove with worth by rescuing me. They kept moving me from place to place, taking pictures of landmarks and sending them to the rescuers as hints to follow. We went by the evening venue for the following day and kept going until the rescuers (Matthew had enlisted the help of all the other guests) nearly caught up with us. Then one of the best men decided it was time to throw me over his shoulder and to run. My kidnappers and I nearly got away but one of the guests spotted where we were crouched behind a bush hiding and alerted the rest. One of the guests who runs the London marathon was finally the one who caught the kidnappers and Matthew could finally free me and we were happily reunited! It was great fun and given that it was a tradition the British guests didn't know it went very well and seemed to be quite entertaining for everyone.
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Copyright (c) Phillip Berry
Copyright (c) Phillip Berry
The kidnapping of the bride got al…
The kidnapping of the bride got a…