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Cruising down the Rio Dulce.
I think the ocean swallowed the beach here or something. where´d it all go?? so far this town seems pretty cool. it´s only accessible by boat, so after a two hour ride down the river i was already in the sea faring groove. but there doesn´t seem to be too much to do here. i met up with some friends and we´re thinking of heading up to Belize for some snorkeling before trekking back through the jungle to the Mayan ruins of Tikal...we´ll have to see what the next few days have in store. 

For March, I think I´ll probably head back to San Pedro after hitting up the Pacific for a bit. I was just starting to get into the groove there when I left, so I´m looking forward to returning.

Not to mention the last two nights I was there playing poker I came out almost 100Q ahead. Not huge by American standards, but enough for 4 nights room and some meals on the side in San Pedro. haha. All the places are looking for workers as well, so I figure I could work a bit in a restaurant or bar if I got too bored or low on money. Who knows. Anyway, time for a night out on one of the 5 streets of Livingston. Looking forward to a little light partying with some Punta music thrown in for a little cultural flavor. Siempre bien aqui.

Anyway, heard it was pretty cold and snowing in TN the last week or so. Bummer. I showed pics of snow from last year to some of the kids in the house that I was staying. It´s a different sort of thing. Interesting stuff. Alright. chau.

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Cruising down the Rio Dulce.
Cruising down the Rio Dulce.
photo by: jlchatham