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Indian/Eagle statue in front of a Casino in Sloan, IA.

Dad & I left this morning at 11am to embark on our road trip. We were very excited!! As we went along everything was fine. We stopped at my Grandma's house to see her but she was gone. We continued to Hamburg, IA to begin our journey on the Loess Hills Scenic Byway....lets just say that it SHOULD be named LOST Hills Scenic Byway. Ay yi yi. We got lost not twice, but THREE times. Yes we had an atlas, but some of the highways in Iowa are named L34...so finding a street that's named that but usually has another name is ridiculously insane. So when we finally found the beginning in Hamburg, everything looked find. The signs were great until we got to Thurman....then they kind of disappeared! *Poof* Like the sign monster came out of no where and ate them to throw us off. After finding our way in Thurman we made it to Council Bluffs..where things quickly went South (along with us a few times). With the construction going on in Council Bluffs along with all of the signs gone in the construction we ended  up in Omaha (and we would've ended up downtown had dad not been going NO do NOT go that way).

Finally we pulled the Atlas out again and decided to stick to roads known to man. (and NOT I repeat NOT named L34...etc.) We finally hopped on I-29 and went straight towards Sioux City. We were supposed to end in Akron, IA today...but after some long hours...fighting traffic in construction while being lost...and being exhausted we ended our trip in Sergeant Bluff at 7:25 pm. We got some great pizza @ the Pizza Post in Sloan, IA and settled in at the Econo lodge to enjoy the rest of our night relaxing.

Tomorrow we're heading across the top of Nebraska along their scenic route and hopefully it'll go better than today's escapade!

ladybuglover_01 says:
I think sometimes they purposely don't put up signs...they want you to check out their town ;)
Posted on: Aug 03, 2007
X_Drive says:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has problems with signs (missing or stolen or ??) Even our GPS gave us wrong data on our trip. But sometimes on those scenic routes it isn't so bad. :)
Posted on: Aug 03, 2007
ladybuglover_01 says:
LOL yes a good adventure :) Today def went better! Ty :)
Posted on: Jul 20, 2007
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Indian/Eagle statue in front of a …
Indian/Eagle statue in front of a…
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