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Avita and me
The sun wasn't even out yet, and Trinity and I found ourselves walking to the bus stop. I had decided the night before to finally go see Avita after I checked the weather report for LGA, and -lo and behold- it looked like it was actually going to be sunny ALL DAY. Avita, of course, does not believe I am actually coming. We've had this conversation at least a thousand times since she moved from Milwaukee almost exactly two years ago. We've made plans, only to have flights get full or cancelled at the last minute, or clouds predicted to be in the sky over New York. If you're familiar with LGA, JFK or EWR, you know what I mean when I say they are not ideal airports to travel in or out of, and certainly not to make any type of solid plans. Just a small sidetrack here: please take my friendly airline employee advice when I say that you should not under any circumstances buy theater tickets or make dinner arrangements in the city on the same day you are planning to fly.
The last time Trinity and Jordan were together, Jordan was about a month old. But thanks to Skype, they still know each other well enough to be this happy after only about five minutes.
And if you insist on being that stupid, don't yell at the gate agent because of it.

Anyway, we were not exactly "traveling" on this day. We were just visiting some friends, the fact that they live 800 miles away was inconsequential for the most part. We didn't do anything but eat lunch, take the kids to the playground, and listen to Michael Jackson. I have no pictures of statues or signs or tourist destinations. I was just really happy to see my friend. We both let out a ridiculous fangirl type scream when we spotted each other at the airport and ran to hug one another. We had not seen each other for two years, but in our defense (both Avita's and mine), it didn't seem like two years. We rarely go longer than a few days without talking for at least an hour on the phone or on Skype.
Remember Midwest Airlines? They used to be such a great airline!
It always seems like one of us will be visiting the other soon.

So, I have nothing about the location itself to report, but I did learn a valuable lesson. The basis I already knew: I can never quit my job, ever. If they fire me, I will cry and beg them to let me stay. I will possibly handcuff myself to whatever object is nearest to me. Obviously this is because of the travel benefits, but also because that morning I learned that there is no way on earth I would ever be able to make a morning flight if I did not have an airport ID which allowed me to skip to the front of the line at the ticket counter/kiosks and security. I do not work in the early mornings, so I had no idea it was like this. I showed up 45 minutes before my flight. Those lines would have taken me two hours to conquer. And waking up at 0200 is pretty hard when you go to sleep at 0200 to begin with.

*Philip K. Dick, What the Dead Men Say
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Avita and me
Avita and me
The last time Trinity and Jordan w…
The last time Trinity and Jordan …
Remember Midwest Airlines? They us…
Remember Midwest Airlines? They u…
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