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Trinity bites into an apple for the first time in two years
The weather had been so fantastic in Milwaukee that when we left that morning, I conveniently left our sweatshirts hanging over the back of the couch. That isn't something I normally ever do. I usually have a hoodie with me even when it's hot outside, because the hotter it is outside, the colder the air conditioning is inside. But I think I was so focused on bringing the least amount of stuff with me that I overlooked the obvious. We were each armed with a single backpack, two changes of clothes, a pair of pajamas, a book, our stuffed animals, our journals, and, between the two of us, the Nintendo DS and one resealable bag with liquids. I wore my sneakers on the plane. DON'T TELL ANYONE. The non-rev dress code is business casual. We arrived in Boston as planned just before 2 pm.
You can't help but want to go to sleep the second you sit on this couch!
I was somewhat shocked, because it was pouring rain and foggy, and the flight was not delayed at all. I had just one small problem that I noticed right away. It was not only raining, it was cold. This was going to be one miserable trip if we did not get jackets soon. We hung out at the house for awhile, but headed downtown before getting too comfortable. I could have gone to a thrift store, but I was in no mood to walk 10 blocks in the cold rain to maybe find a sweatshirt. We got our sweatshirts at TJ Maxx and The Children's Place, and then everything was okay. I had already gone over budget for the trip by spending $30 on those jackets, but what could I do? If anything, it was an excuse to buy something new.

We kind of walked around the North End aimlessly for awhile and then randomly got on the train and went to Harvard Square. There is a store there that sells these tiny little buttons made by a company called Fomato and I wanted to see if I could find any new ones. I once had one that I wore on my lanyard at work that had a picture of an airplane and the name Jane on it, as in "Plain Jane." I loved that little pin, but I lost it long ago. I try to stop at the store now and then to find one, but it's never in stock. I did get a couple though. We walked down Mass Ave and back to the house, which is either a short or a long walk depending on who you ask. We went to Whole Foods and got some sandwiches for dinner. This was also right in the middle of the Henry Louis Gates controversy, so everyone spent a lot of time talking about that. It was all that was on the news. Outside of traveling, politics is my favorite thing on earth. I don't really like to combine the two. So all I mustered up were some sarcastic Facebook status messages and Tweets about being in Cambridge, and left that to deal with when I got home. I went online and booked my train tickets to get to Hartford the next day, and I tried desperately to find a channel that wasn't talking about the Cambridge police so I could go to sleep. (I am psychotic and cannot fall asleep without a TV on.)

Everyone was curious to know what kind of show I had traveled halfway across the country to see. It makes it sound really psychotic when you put it that way. You have to understand that everything is relative. I can get to Boston just as easily as I can get downtown. But I still had no answer for what kind of show I was seeing. Have you ever seen The Upside Down Show? I would ask them. No, of course not. Well, then it's hard to explain. Is it a Broadway show, they'd immediately ask. Noooo. So, is it a musical? No, of course not. That would be ridiculous. Is it stand up comedy? No, no, not really, not exactly. I wouldn't call it that, no. So, it's a play then? No! No, it isn't a play. Just.... stop it with your incessant questions! It's not any of those things! I don't know what it is or how to explain it. You can imagine my delight in discovering that the original Thwak! (which is the American version) was aptly called "Don't Explain". Here is what the Umbilical Brothers web site says about the show: "When asked to explain a little about the show the Brothers simply laughed and referred to the title. Upon further investigation we found that an embryo version of the show was seen in the 1992 Adelaide Fringe. In the intervening years it has grown into its current incarnation: that of an uncontrollable, independent entity not understood even by its creators."

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Trinity bites into an apple for th…
Trinity bites into an apple for t…
You cant help but want to go to s…
You can't help but want to go to …
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