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We arrived in Nagoya via shinkansen and was enveloped with the hot, humid air.

Feeling icky and tired from the hike, we all looked forward to getting to our hotel and a shower. Needless to say, we were all getting cranky. On exiting Nagoya Station, we hailed a cab.

Misadventure #1: Luggages, Trunk Space & Lost in Translation

All of our luggage didn't fit in the trunk so Matt and I have to hold some of my luggage with us in the passenger seats. It was cramped. My luggages were heavy. And we were getting cranky. To top it of, our driver didn't understand English, none of us speak Japanese, and despite the map I've shown where our hotel was located, our driver didn't seem to understand it either! Winding through Nagoya's Sunday night traffic amidst the maps and directions we showed the driver, we finally reached our hotel - The B Nagoya Hotel in Sakae.

Misadventure #2: Reservation & Tempers

Our room reservation was made by Matt while he was in Singapore and I was in NY. Apparently, he didn't remember making a reservation for a smoking room since at the time when we made the reservations, there were no non-smoking rooms available. He was not happy. I didn't care. I just wanted a room so I can take a shower and wash off the grime and sweat from the hike.

We thank the reception, asked for a possible switch to a non-smoking room for the following night if available and headed to our room located on the 19th floor. We had a view of the park between 2 main streets and the Sakae subway station, and a partial view of Nagoya Tower, slightly obstructed by another building in front.

The shower was probably the best shower I had the whole trip for obvious reasons. I must have washed and shampooed my hair 4 times before I was satisfied. It was then I noticed what Mike pointed out to me on our wait for the shinkansen - I had facial sunburn! Aargh! My forehead and nose was bright red - a clear sign of what to expect on the coming days.

Misadventure #3:  Izakaya: Beer, Yakitori & Another Lost in Translation Moment

Hunger, despite being exhausted, led us to going out to hunt for something to eat. But first - we need to find a 7-Eleven to replenish our dwindling supply of yen via their ATM. After a quick withdrawal and browsing around 7-Eleven, we looked for the place to eat. We found a small, izakaya with a decent crowd. It was also 10pm. The menu was only in Japanese. There were no pictures for us to look at and at least point. Furthermore, none of staff speaks English!

Hm. Dilemma.

We stressed that we wanted food - but ordered beer first. ::grins:: We ordered chicken and beef teriyaki and grilled ika (squid) with me emphasizing the word "teriyaki". The server repeated what we ordered and nodded. He understood what we ordered... or so we thought. MInutes later, we were presented with a chicken, beef, and squid - yakitori! Yes. One chicken yakitori. One beef yakitori. One squid yakitori.

Matt, Mike and I looked at each other. Hilarity ensues mixed with shock and in my part frustration. We were hungry. But the mug of beer we ordered was almost finished and it seemed to somehow mellowed out the frustration. Not inclined to try to correct the mistake and order more, we ordered one more thing - beer. A loud discussion followed, over the differences between girls and boys and relationship and another round of beer before we left and the izakaya closed.

Despite the beers, we were still hungry. So, we went back to 7-Eleven to forage for food and water - again. Hmmm... this is becoming a routine. I stocked up on my faves - onigiri and macha chocolates! We returned to our rooms and retired for the night. No early sightseeing planned after an exhausting weekend.

Just three things were planned the following day - all after midday: Nagoya Castle, Sumo Wrestling, and Dinner with Eiko!


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photo by: ys484