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Aboard the boat to Phi Phi Krabi

Oh the mornings! The mornings in a beach resort, and a 5 star place nonetheless. It's difficult to comprehend the attraction Phuket has for the Europeans until you've actually been here and seen it. They come in hordes, they stay forever and they just keep coming. You have shops that have French and German signs, the hotel staff can speak 2 European languages, the patrons are all European. It's all about the "Gutten tag", "Bievenue", "Ciao" and "Buena noche" around here. Breakfast as I recall in this hotel was shit. The orange juice was more orange coloured water, and the food was overall very meh, with a lack of variety compared to what we ate in Bangkok.

Our trip for the day was to the Phi Phi Islands, as touristy as they come and worth it. Located between Phuket and the western Andaman Sea coast of the mainland and is the only island with permanent inhabitants. Ko Phi Phi Leh was the backdrop for the 2000 movie The Beach, that following its release, tourism on Phi Phi Don increased dramatically, and with it the population of the island. Many buildings were constructed without planning permission.

As I write this blog on 3rd Jan 2009, I've had the fortune of seeing so many cool places in the world but still, seeing this beach was a sight. As you reach the island, you're pointed to by the tour guides that this was where the movie was shot. It's beautiful, really. Beautiful sold blue. I don't know any other way to describe it.

The exact location where Leo DiCaprio's "The Beach" was filmed
Although it would be terribly hypocritical of me to say that the "tourists" interrupt the view. They actually gave us a chance to go snorkelling which I tried, so that was fun.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the Island, including a veg meal specially cooked for us. This island defines touristy. It's got all kinds of things for the foreigners - scuba driving, the works. You even have signs that say "we have German instructors" and stuff - very good infrastructure for the tourist industry. The boat ride back to Phuket took forever. I slept in the open - got a good tan and enjoyed it. We reached Phuket around 5pm, the van took us back to the hotel and with the stops and stuff, took a good couple of hours for us to reach.

Didn't do much that night - went for a walk around town and found a seedy Indian rsnt. The place is really lively though, and the prostitutes seem more open here. They're all over the place and openly solicit tourists. It was also eyeopening to see lots of European pensioners each with a gal by his side. Apparently old aged Europeans also hunt in packs! We had dinner that night - the yogurt was bad and we ended up fighting with the owner who was rude. Eventually ate what we could, went for a walk and headed back to the hotel around 10pm that night, after walking by all the lively street shops and stuff.

Last day in Thailand t'row...time DOES fly!

ganku says:
Nice blog.
Posted on: Dec 24, 2009
YantiSoeparno says:
You said that the tourists interrupt the view? Hahaha... you were one of them, right?
But, it's true sometimes [or most of the time] the crowd is disturbing... just like what happened to me at Candi Borobudur :-(
Posted on: Jan 03, 2009
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Aboard the boat to Phi Phi Krabi
Aboard the boat to Phi Phi Krabi
The exact location where Leo DiCap…
The exact location where Leo DiCa…
back from snorkelling
back from snorkelling
photo by: Aclay01