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Well, well. It’s been a while since I’ve reported from the other side of the world. Things have changed a bit in the last month or so at work and stuff. We added a Kindergarten section to the class list and blaahh. It’s not that great so far. I never wanted to teach Kindy but was asked to do so anyway. I steadfastly declined but that didn’t work too well.  So anyway, after back and forth "negotiations" I managed to get away with only 2 Kindy classes a week instead of the full day. It’s alright I guess. Little kids are really nice and sweet and fun until one tries to spear tackle you in the nether regions repeatedly while the other hold your arms and legs.

Also, keep in mind that these little kiddies’ knowledge of the English language barely extends beyond "Hi, how are you? I’m fine." And my Korean doesn’t extend beyond anything at all. That causes problems when there are other, real problems. Yesterday, I had my first full blown crying incident. Two at the same time. They each thought the other had taken their pencil. For goodness sake, it’s a stupid pencil. I ran out and got a Korean teacher to handle it. I have no sympathy or patience for such petty things. (See! I’m a terrible Kindy teacher!!!)  Sometimes I just bring in a stuffed toy lion my sister sent me and let them go bonkers speaking English to it until that sweet bell of freedom signals the end of class. And there’s only 6 more months of this?! Ahhhh, the madness.

 In another class, there’s this nightmare of a kid named Jun. For some reason, Jun thinks I’m his friend and every time he sees me he takes off running at full speed, lowers his head, and tries to break my legs and midsection with his head and shoulders. All the while emitting a hysterical laugh and the sweetest little smile. Then he’ll start climbing up my legs until he gets in my arms where he’ll deliver a wonderful power kick into my stomach. I’ve oftentimes wanted to see how far little Jun can fly….. (kidding, of course.)

 In other news, I went to E-Mart and bought a badminton racket set and Ji young and I are having some heated battles. I’m a sweet badminton player… I think. Who knew? I also went out last weekend and started hiking up some hills near my house. I kept seeing all these giant mounds and I was thinking how sweet it’d be to have a mountain bike and go tearing around jumping over them. Then I reach the end of the "path" and see a sign saying "something something burial mounds". Apparently those mounds are 2,000 year old burial mounds or something and they’ve excavated tons of stone coffins and other stuff from the area. Woops. Good thing I didn’t have a mountain bike after all….

Spring has finally gotten a strangle hold on the temps around here. I’ve been looking forward to Spring for the last two months. Of course, it comes the one week where we finally have a three day weekend and I want to go snowboarding. The slopes are closing on Tuesday apparently, so the verdict’s still out on whether or not this trip will come to fruition. Fingers crossed. That’s about all the news for now. Until next time.

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photo by: jlchatham