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Last night I headed uptown...across town...to some other area of town... to catch the musical "The Ballerina that loves B-boyz". I've been really looking forward to this for a while, and when my girlfriend suprised me with a ticket, I was super amped for the oppurtunity. After dabbling in Bboying (break dancing) last fall in the States, I've been hooked on anything related and have been dying to see some S. Koreans doing their thing on a floor. This show did not disappoint. B-boying may have been created in the Bronx of the U.S., but the Koreans have taken it and made it their own. What they can do is nothing short of phenomenal. The storyline of the musical was very entertaining, and I bet the 3 short monologues dispersed throughout the show were very funny as well, judging by the laughter. Of course, they were in Korean so I just sat there feeling stupid, but there were only 8 or so minutes of actual speaking, so I didn't feel like much of the show was lost to me. I walked out feeling elated with the experience.

Today was more excitement, as one of my friends and coworkers was getting married in the next town over. We made it a couple minutes late, but caught the main points of the wedding. It was very western-style, except the groom was in the Navy so they threw in some Navy wedding-type traditions. This included a 'sword tunnel' that the bride and groom had to pass through. Before going under each set of swords, however, the groom had to perform a task. These included lifting the bride's mother up and down like a barbell, dancing, doing pushups, and kissing the bride. All very enjoyable.

Afterwards we went downstairs to the reception. I went through the line grabbing anything meaty and edible looking. Back at the table I was munching on some fried meat thing and was informed it was an octopus tentacle. To further hammer home that point, one of the other teachers pulled out a full-on, complete baby octopus and put it on my plate. This thing was about the size of 5-6 quarters and still had everything attached, even the little suction cups on the tentacles. Check out the pics to see it. It was a fun time and one I was glad I could attend.

Back in Changwon and it's pouring rain. Another week's coming up, back to the classroom tomorrow. Until next time...

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photo by: jlchatham