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Well, back in Seoul; my second time since I've been here, and this time with a little downtime to see some sights. "By some measures it's considered the third largest city on the planet, with close to 12 million people in Seoul and another 8-9 million in the suburbs". That's a daunting piece of information to read right before you head up there all alone. Yay.

The morning started off a bit iffy as my new alarm clock didn't sound the alarm and I woke up just in time to see that I wouldn't be able to take the bus to the bus station.

I ran out the door and got a taxi, though, and ended up being there 25 minutes before my bus left for Seoul. If I had taken the city bus to the bust station, I would have had to walk for 15 minutes, then ridden on the bus for 30 minutes to make it to the bus station. Yet the taxi did it in ten minutes for only 3 dollars more. That's a sobering thought. Anyway, the 5 hour bus ride to Seoul turned out to only be 4:15, so by noon time, I was already checked into my hostel after 30 minutes of subway ducking and diving and wandering aimlessly on the streets. After that I checked out a palace (not too exciting) and then made my way to the N Seoul Tower, a 600 ft tower situated on a big hill right in the middle of Seoul. It made for some great views, but they were hampered somewhat by clouds and some drizzle that appeared as I made my way up to the top.
I took a cable car which sounded exciting but the trip only took about 2 minutes and relieved me of about 8 bucks, so that was a bit of a bummer.

Tomorrow I'll check out the 63 building, the tallest building in Korea, with 60 stories stretching towards the skies (the other 3 are under ground). There's supposed to be a nice little aquarium and IMAX , too, so I figured that'll fill a bit of the day before the company banquet tomorrow at 3 (the real reason I'm here). Plus, tomorrow's high is supposed to be a balmy 34 degrees, so I'm thinking something indoor will be just about right.

In other news, on Friday I had a chance to partake in a little additional work at school.

My task: read in English (with a nice North American accent). A man from a Korean company came in and set up a big video camera two inches from my face and I spent about 40 minutes reading and rereading about 5 pages of information to be used for some type of "how to" presentation. This stuff was translated from Korean, and the translations weren't always, umm, exact. At one point I hit the word "synchrously" and babbled incoherently for a second or two trying to pronounce it. So synchrously and synchrous were used quite a bit (instead of synchronized or in-sync) which made me stumble a bit each time. But I think I made it through alright. It was a lot of fun. While I was doing it I was thinking about this show I saw one time about the guy who does all the voice-overs for the previews of movies; he has that big, booming voice that packs all the suspense and always makes you wanna go see it…..Well, they were showing him riding around in a limo, doing his thing and getting paid the big bucks for just speaking.
Haha. So I was wondering how he would say it and I'd change the intonation a bit, speaking more slowly and loudly, trying to make it sound like I thought it would sound. Apparently that wasn't the "correct" way because then I had to read it all over again, but I really enjoyed the whole thing. Plus, I got paid about 100 bucks for 35 minutes of "work". Nice. Should pay for this little Seoul adventure.

Anyway, that's the word from Seoul. Until the morrow.

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photo by: chiyeh