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Leshan is located about 150km from Chengdu and it takes about 2h by bus to get there. My reason why to go there was twofold. Firstly, I had to extend my expiring visa and fellow travellers told me that PSB (Public Security Bureau) in Leshan processes visa applications within a day whereas the PSB in Chengdu likes you to wait 5 days. Secondly, I wanted to see, they say, the tallest Buddha in the world because of its 71m. height.

Thus, one day early morning I took a bus from Chengdu and arrived at PSB in Leshan at 10am with an expectation that my visa extention would be ready in the afternoon just after my sightseeing activities.

Unfortunatelly for me, my hostel I stayed in Chengdu somehow forgot to register my details so that an officer at PSB could not locate my person in their database and that's why he could not start  processing my application....But he was nice and offered me to use his phone and to call guys at the hostel. The registration at the hostel however took some time and the officer advised me to come to apply again at 3pm....So my plan of getting my visa extention within a day was destroyed and I came to the PSB office again at the agreed time. This time, everything went smoothly and the officer told me my visa extention would be ready for collection the very next day at 3pm. Next day, it was Friday, I again took a bus from Chengdu to Leshan and went to the PSB office straight away but when I was entering the building the same officer noticed me and started  shouting: "You forgot to give me your passport, we cannot make a visa without it.
It will be ready on Monday"...."You must be joking" I replied, "I had given you my passport but you gave it back to me. How should I know your immigration procedures? I thought you will put a stamp on the current visa or something like that"...After about 5 minutes I convinced him that he should try and procure my visa extention on the spot because... how difficult it can be???? So he went to see his boss who gave him his blessing and my visa extension was ready within 20 minutes. :-) Happy days! I think I wouldn't like the idea of going to Leshan from Chengdu for the third time....




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photo by: spocklogic