Day Two: Football Hall of Fame and First Day in Cedar Point

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After an okay breakfast after sleeping on my somewhat okay rubber bed we got back in the car and headed for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We had to park kind of far away since it was packed. There had been an event for the new guys that got into the HOF over the weekend. So there were a bunch of tents and other such things strewn about. But the shuttle bus ride from the parking lot was free and short. So it wasn’t that hard to get into the actual building.

                We had gotten tickets for the HOF at our hotel. Two tickets had come with the room and we had to buy the other two. It’s 18 dollars each for adults, which isn’t all that bad. When we got there we turned our tickets in and got our hands stamped and started the tour. The first section was Football through the years, and then the teams, and then the actual hall with the busts in it, etc. Me, not being all that into football, found it kind of boring. But my dad, stepmom, and brother seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. The best part was this little movie thing where you got to watch footage of the players being themselves during the game. The kind of stuff you don’t get to see, the stuff off on the sidelines. It was very amusing.

                The last section of the museum is this big gaming type area; where they have trivia and football games and all that kind of stuff. It was semi entertaining, but again football isn’t really my thing. The gift shop was good, Lena bought a few stickers and then it was back on the shuttle to the car.

                From the HOF we drove another two or three hours to Sandusky, Oh to go to Cedar Point. It’s mostly known for its awesome roller coasters; which is in fact what it is mostly made up of. Here’s the web site:

We stayed at the Hotel Breakers ( ) which was very nice yet kind of pricey when it came to their café and food inside the hotel. This hotel is inside of the park and staying here gets you into the park an hour before the main gates open, which is at ten (so you get in at nine).  It has ten floors, though you can’t actually stay on the tenth floor as I believe it is for the repair people only. We resided on the fourth floor and had a very nice room that was divided into a sitting room with a fold out couch and then the bedroom with two good sized beds. My brother stayed on the pull out couch while my step mom, dad and I slept in the bedroom. 

               Lena, dad and I decided to go for a walk on the beach. Yes, there is a beach around a lake. I was quite surprised myself when I saw waves and other ocean type things surrounding this enormous lake. The park and our hotel is on the banks of Lake Erie and the beach is actually quite nice. There are a lot of seagulls of course and the water is blocked off to a certain point due to boats and such things. But besides that its very nice. The water wasn't too cold and came up to about your thighs (on me..but I'm short). We also walked along the beach to the "beach entrance" of the park. But we turned back and headed back to the hotel.

                My dad and I decided to go into the park that evening to ride a few coasters and get a feel for the park itself. We ended up riding the Dragster, Mantas, and Magnum XL 200. By far the Dragster is the best out of the three, but it isn’t the best ride in the park.The mascot of the park is Snoopy from the Peanuts, which was really awesome.

                After our little adventure we meet up with my stepmom in the TGI Fridays that is inside the hotel for a late dinner and then back up t the room to call it a night. The next day we had to get up early to head out to the park; where we would meet up some friends of mine who live in Columbus and have a day full of riding coasters and having fun.

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photo by: ekondra