Day Three: Cedar Point Day of Awesome

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                The morning of the epic day of the roller coaster riding began promptly at seven am. I was woken up by my father jumping up and down on my bed and trying to take my picture. It was quite enjoyable….not.

                After a shower and getting dressed we headed down to the café to have breakfast. The breakfast at this hotel was…less than good. Not only was buffet kind of gross, it was really expensive. I ended up just getting some fruit and a biscuit. At least the service was good. After breakfast we headed back up to the room to drop Lena off for her day of relaxing and then headed to the park.

                The line to get in was a bit long, but it moved pretty fast. They only open up a certain number of rides in the early morning, but by the time you get to them the lines are already really long. The first thing my dad and I rode was the Millennium Force. This coaster drops you at an 80 degree angle at 93 mph and then sends you flying around the rest of the track. It literally made my eyes water it went so fast. My brother isn’t into a lot of coasters, so he sat and waited for me and my dad to get out of line. Sadly, sometimes the hour to two hour wait for a coaster isn’t worth the ride. Luckily, this one was; especially because my dad and I always try for the very front seat.

                My two friends who live in Columbus met up with us after the ride. I hadn’t seen either of them in a year, so I was considerably excited. After hugs and introductions we headed out to find more stuff to do.

                My dad and brother went off on their own to ride something my brother wanted to while Nick, Jackie and I rode Mantis. Which is a stand up coaster that isn’t quite as fast as the other coasters, but is a lot of fun. It seats four at a time so the line moves pretty fast, but the only problem is that there are VIP people (I have no idea how you get to be VIP) who can cut in front of you in line. So as soon as you get to the gate and think you’re about to ride you have to wait another fifteen minutes for all the VIP’s to go before you.

                We met up with my dad and brother afterward and rode the Mine Ride; which is slow and throws you around a bit. After that my brother split off to go to the petting zoo while Nick, my dad and Jackie rode Thunder Mountain and I watched. Thunder Mountain is one of those wild water rapid rides where a bunch of people get in the big raft and go down the artificial river and get soaked. I couldn’t ride due to…personal issues, so I stood on the wooden platform and took pictures of them as they went by.  All three of them ended up riding it twice and then it started to rain.

                We met up with my brother and he and my dad went back to the hotel so my dad could get some lunch and change out of his soaked clothes. Jackie, Nick and I continued to wander around and grabbed some lunch. It rained for a good hour or so and since there was a bit of thunder they closed down all of the major rides, like the coasters. So we ended up going on the old cars you drive around the track. Nick sat in the front while Jackie and I sat in the back and pestered him, it was quite amusing.

                After that we went to Snoopy’s Big Bow Wow, which is an ice skating show. It was really good, but really cold inside the building. Nick and Jackie, who were still soaked from the previous ride, weren’t all that happy about the cold part. Dad showed back up in the park while we were at the show, so while he waited in line for the Dragster (again), we went on the indoor coaster called Transport Disaster. It’s completely in the dark and kind of fast, but isn’t long enough.

                We finally met up with dad again and we all rode Raptor; which is a lot of fun and then went back on Transport Disaster. After that we got in the line for maverick, which about an hour and a half long wait. In almost every long line they have soda machines and in Maverick’s line they have an ice cream vendor. Though the line is long it is totally worth the wait for this coaster. Some people behind us in line started the wave and it made it all the way to the back of the line and back up to the front. It makes you feel good inside to accomplish something, even if it’s something as small as keeping the wave going while waiting in line for a roller coaster.

                We got to ride Maverick while it was dark, which was really cool. But a bit of advice, don’t sit in the very front seat when it comes to riding coasters at night. We didn’t, but the people in front of us did ride in the very front and they paid for it. By the time the ride was over they were covered in dead bugs and had swallowed who knows how many. There are a lot more bugs at night and you will get hit with them when you ride in the front of coasters.

                On the way out, because it was now around nine thirty at night, we walked through the “Starlight Trail”. It is a part of the park which is western themed, and at night they light it all up with Christmas lights. It was really really beautiful. They even have little floats with peanut themed things, like the Easter Beagle and The Great Pumpkin. It was an amazing end to the night. I said my goodbyes to Nick and Jackie and then my dad and I walked back to the hotel. The next day we were to get back in the car and head for Chicago.

Roguefairy13 says:
You do, it is quite a lot of fun.
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
diisha392 says:
Have not been to Cedar Point in 9 years; I need to go back!
Posted on: Aug 17, 2009
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