Day Six: Museums and a Meet Up

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                Today was spent discovering a few of the many museums that Chicago has to offer.  But first we had to have breakfast. Lena planned to take us to a place call “The Corner Bakery” but instead we ended up going to this place called “L’appetite”, which means appetite in Italian. This place is an Italian bakery, with coffee and plenty of pastries. They also serve hot breakfast to those that aren’t the pastry kind of people. I got a strawberry and cream cheese pastry and it was yummy. We ended up eating outside by the fountain and with the beautiful weather it was awesome.

                After breakfast we headed off to catch the bus that would take us to the Shedd Aquarium, our first stop. Here’s the website:

 Before the bus got their Lena and I ran into the Borders and got change to use for the bus. It is about 2.50 a person, for four that meant 9 dollars each way. The ride was about a half hour and we got to the Aquarium around noon or so. Thanks to our Go Passes we got in free and got to skip the line; which was quite long. The Aquarium is two floors, the main floor separated into four to five different sections. Each section has its own theme of aquatic life. The bottom floor is where all the larger aquatic animals are; such as Beluga Whales, Seals, Penguins, and Dolphins. Sadly the Dolphin show was full and the next show wasn’t until three, so we didn’t get to see it.

                Everyone was hungry by the time we got through the aquarium. Dad grabbed a polish sausage outside of the aquarium. Lena, Mike and I decided to wait until we got into the next museum to eat. And the next museum happened to be the Field Museum. ( This place is huge and you will never get through all of it in one day. It’s a Natural History Museum and with the Go Passes we once again got in free. The first thing you see is the skeleton of the famous T-Rex named Sue. She was one of the biggest discoveries as the largest intact skeleton on display in the world. But her head on the skeleton downstairs is a fake. Her real skull is on the upper level and it’s definitely worth a look.

                Our first stop after lunch, which happened to be at McDonalds, we headed into Ancient Egypt to walk through tombs and other such really cool things. You get to walk through a Pharaoh Tomb get to see real mummies. After Egypt we headed into the Mammals section to get a look at the Man Eaters of Tsavo. Which was a pride of lions in Africa that were known man Eaters, they even managed to stop the building of a railroad because they devoured so many people.

                Sue’s head was our final stop before the Museum Store. It was an awesome thing to see. The display around it gives details about how Sue was found and the efforts put forth to restore Sue to the glory that she is today. The Museum store is pretty awesome to and I did buy a few things while I was there. I must say my money is becoming…well…lacking. It’s what I get for going on vacation with money to spend.

                We grabbed the bus back to the hotel so we could do some laundry and relax before heading out for the meet up this evening. My dad, Step-mother and I got all dressed up and went to a restaurant called Flatwater and met up with fellow travel buddies and had a great time. We got kicked out around nine-thirty and the meet up reconvened at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. We turned in early due to having to get up really early tomorrow. We have a family reunion to drive to, and that will be about two hours or so. Oh yay, more tome riding in a car. Ah well, I can sleep. It always seems to get me through those long car rides.

Roguefairy13 says:
Me too. ^-^
Posted on: Aug 21, 2009
Roguefairy13 says:
Thanks! Lena is actually my stepmother, but she's pretty awesome. it was great meeting you. And while i am doubtful about Belize..I sure wish I could make it.
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
mhopgood123 says:
Wonderful Review. It was great meeting you and your parents! I hope to see you all again soon. Perhap[s the Belize encounter in October?
Posted on: Aug 16, 2009
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