Day Seven: Family Reunion

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                Today I actually got to sleep in a bit. Well, not really, but it felt like it. We actually woke up around seven thirty or so. Everyone got showers and then we all piled into the car to head off to breakfast before going to Wisconsin for the family reunion.

                Breakfast ended up being on Anderson Street, which was a Swedish part of Chicago. We had breakfast at a place called Anne Sather, which is of course Swedish. The food was ok (mine anyway) and the place was nice enough. Next door was the Swedish American museum which didn't open until 11, so we didn't get to see any of that.

                After breakfast we all piled back in the car for the two or so hour drive to Wisconsin. The family reunion was smaller than normal this year, which I think made it more enjoyable. There were less people I didn't know, so I didn't feel as awkward as I usually do. I joined in on the Adult Games this year. We played the potato and spoon race, eat the crackers as fast as you can and then whistle race, the pass the life saver on a toothpick game, and finally the egg toss. It was a lot of fun but we headed out early to go and pick up the Kringle we had ordered earlier on in the day. Kringle is a Danish pastry Wisconsin happens to be famous for, it is also very yummy.

                The mars Cheese House was the next stop. It's mostly just a large store were anything and everything to do with cheese and sausage is sold. They also have a bakery and a deli where you can get a bite to eat if you happen to be hungry. We bought some things, took pictures, and were on our way back to Chicago.

                I finished a book I was reading during the trip back. But I came prepared. I'll be starting another one tomorrow, if not tonight.

                We headed down to the Navy Pier again tonight with the intention of getting dinner and seeing some fireworks. While we waited for an open table we walked the length of the pier and got to see everything it had to offer. After some drama we ended up heading back to the hotel and just grabbing something here. I'm sad to say this is the second time I haven't gotten to see fireworks, but I'll live.

                Tomorrow we head out for Indiana and then the next day we get to drive the ten hours back to Maryland. I've had fun on this trip, but I'm starting to get really homesick and can't wait to be back home.

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photo by: keithsmarathon