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Leaving Miraflores to the fountain park

Well this is funny, I though I had save all I had written, but anyway, lets start again....

2 years and 1 month again, the fountain park "el magico parque de agua" openned the doors as a public park. Yeah I took me more then 2 years get the desition and go there.

It looks funny, but everytime we have vacations or a long week off, we start to travel outside the city and forget all what is around us.

I found out on saturday, that the fountain park is in the guinnes book... why??? because it is the biggest fountain public park... interesenting, isnt it???

The best time to go is on summer and at night of course, there are 13 different kinds of fountains, with lights, lasser effect and you might appreciate it more at night... Ohhhh some of them are for playing, you could go and try to not get wet.

And the game starts
.... lol. Relax, there are restrooms and you could change your clothes over there.

There are fountains only for childrens... DO NOT INSIST... if you are a bit older, you might go to the difficult one....

One tip.... stay allert and watch all the water effect, then try to go inside and the game is going outside without turning an alive soup... ;p

There are other fountains for quiet people, there is one like a tunnel,,,, hey do not touch it with your hand, orrrrrrr people might run behind you to kick one certain part of your body.... LMAO !!!!

The first and second fountain are the most important... you will hear music while you are watching the effect.

I really liked !!!!!!

You can go there and buy a ticket, or get a tour. There is a city tour, with the red buses. They leave from Miraflores, go near a ruin (located in the city), then leave you in the fountain park for more then 1 hour, pick you up, and take you to Downtown... before taking a snack in a 5 starts hotel.  It is very nice to do that tour at night :)

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Leaving Miraflores to the fountain…
Leaving Miraflores to the fountai…
And the game starts
And the game starts
Are you sure it is safe to go out …
Are you sure it is safe to go out…
ha,ha,ha,ha next time watch it fir…
ha,ha,ha,ha next time watch it fi…
High, isnt it???
High, isnt it???
The bigest
The bigest
funny, very funny
funny, very funny
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