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My train ride to Vienna was fairly uneventful until a mom and her baby plopped down in front of me for a couple hours. Babies are always entertaining and this one was as well. Except when she sneezed while her mom was trying to feed her, blowing half her liquid meal onto my leg. Yum.

I arrived in Vienna in the afternoon, dropped the stuff in my hostel, and returned to the city center to catch a few sights before dark. I plopped into the first church I saw but soon grew tired of its gloominess and went back outside...just in time to see the heavens open up and the skies begin dumping rain. I made a hasty retreat back to warmth and dryness and called it a day.
The next morning I was up bright and early as I was hoping to see many of Vienna's fabulous sights while the weather was still pretty good. I walked around for a couple hours, taking it all in and enjoying my time. Vienna is really pretty.

After coming back to the hostel to warm up for a bit I headed back out. I first went to the Hapsburg palace to check out the treasury. They had some amazing pieces in there and I found myself wondering how the golden crowns and huge robes would look on me. I decided I'd be a pretty good-looking King. I left the museum and walked outside to find it snowing. Yikes!

Seeing as how it was snowing quite heavily, I decided now would be a good time to hit up one of the famous Viennese Christmas markets so I headed to the biggest one in front of the magnificent Rathaus.
I'd heard the thing to do at these markets is to drink some hot wine and take in the festivities. With this in mind, I sauntered up to the first booth I saw, ordered myself a Orangen Punsch.(I thought this was an orange wine or tea or something) and squeezed under an overhang with some other hot wine drinking peoples.

I guess I should have brushed up on my German because my coffee mug wasn't filled with orange wine or tea. It was filled with piping hot rum with an orange slice thrown in. Woops. It tasted quite terrible but did serve to warm me up a bit! I drank about half of it before I couldn't take anymore and poured it out. I quickly followed that up with a chocolate covered apple sprinkled with M & Ms. That was tasty but apparently my stomach didn't appreciate the clash of hot rum and cold chocolate apple, so I once again headed back to the warmth of the hostel. A good, sight-filled day.

I walked around for another two hours today, freezing myself to the core. It's cold here! It didn't snow anymore today, but the wind was howling a bit so I stayed inside a lot, getting ready to head back to the States tomorrow. Woohoo! And Thanksgiving on Thursday! Should be a great time and I'm looking forward to catching up with the family, especially the five or six or seven babies (I've lost track) that we have crawling and walking around now. Should be quite a time!

Until then.
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Snow! Eck!
Snow! Eck!
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photo by: hellenica