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We woke up late, the whole trip through we managed to do that! I love it, sleeping till you wake up without an alarm. We both don't mind if, that's around 10.00 or 13.00 hr. After a great breakfast at 'Sea breeze' and some reading on the beach, we walked up north to another beach (don't remember the name right now, will find that later). There we found an ATM and a 7/11 (supermarket). Ron bought a SIM-card with a Thailand phone number, allways comes in handy.

After a nice stroll along the beach, we saw this lovely restaurant with colourful pillows and said to eachother that we must sit there. Wonderful afternoon it was. Eating small food (springrolls), drinking beer, enjoying the beach, reading..... So different than my last week where I had to run at my job in chaos and haste! When darkness set in, we decide to walk back to our own beach, Ao Phai.
Spring rolls!
Near our cottage was the 'Gecko Bar' located. We got in contact with an Australian man (also Ron) and a woman from South Korea (Juhee) and had a wonderful evening together with them. Ron from Australia left us after a few hours, but Juhee stayed with us till late. The bartender even offered to play some of our music from the I-pod! He connected it to his computer and a minute later we heard our favourite music playing (De Dijk!).
I told Juhee about TB and she was excited about the website and would try to make a profile too. (Juhee, where are you darling!!).
The Gecko Bar closed around 24.00 hr. but the bartender said that we could go to the disco, a few meters away from the bar. And so we did, together with Juhee. After sitting there a while, we got some French fries! It seemed that the bartender was sitting in the disco also and treated us with fries, the sweetheart!
At 02.00 o'clock we said goodbye to Juhee after bringing her to her cottage. She had to go to South Korea the next morning, unfortunately!
It was great meeting her and talking with her about her country, her culture, her life and thoughts. We felt that our travel was worthwhile already.
klaartje1968 says:
I've never been on Koh Samui so I can't compare, but I hear Koh Samed doesn't have the big hotels like Samui has. Well, I liked it and it was a great idea to start the trip here.
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
world-traveller123 says:
Looks amazing. Like to get here some day.
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
thailand120 says:
Koh Samed is very nice. I spent whole day on the beach. I will go back soon. Really enjoy swimming. =)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2009
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Spring rolls!
Spring rolls!
Juhee & Ron
Juhee & Ron
Juhee & me
Juhee & me
Thats how I take a shower. Just d…
That's how I take a shower. Just …
Koh Samed
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