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We're leaving on a jetplane
After waiting for months on this moment, we were finally leaving to the airport Schiphol in Amsterdam. Our dear friend Paul brought us again as he did last years. Truely faithful, priceless such friends!!
After the last cigarette, check in, drinking coffee and finally boarding we saw a couple (England) our age. He was soooo terrible drunk that he couldn't stand on his feet no more! I only saw this on tv before, in the docu's about the airports! This was happening right before our eyes. He fell several times on the floor, trying to reach the boarding area. Of course the security people noticed him and told him to sit down and remain quiet. His girl friend was clear all the time, "you're drunk you fool, I'm going to take the plane to Bangkok alone"......  Respect for her!!!
My advice: drink coffee before traveling, get drunk while on holiday..... :S

The flight went terrific. We flew with China Airlines, good service, nice food, beautiful ladys and gents, entertaining films and music! Ron felt a sleep very quickly, I can't sleep that easy on an airplane. Instead of that I watched through the window when we were above Afghanistan. I saw the most wonderful thunder and lightning! Flying above the clouds, looking down on that force of nature underneath me, just amazed me!

The morning of the 13th July we reached the capital of Thailand: Bangkok! :)
klaartje1968 says:
Nee DD, met een bus! Ook leuk.. :)
Posted on: Aug 24, 2009
Acy_jkt says:
Congrats on being featured! :)
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
dutch_duke says:
ziet er allemaal erg leuk uit lui! Zijn jullie met de trein naar kanchanaburi gegaan?

Ik blijf het met plezier volgen!

Tot hoors

Floris aka DD

(ps 26 sept vlieg ik over, dan zit ik in sumatra, ik zal; wel even zwaaien :D )

Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
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Were leaving on a jetplane
We're leaving on a jetplane
photo by: Paulovic