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So today, my 2fellow traveling friends and I planned out some tours/excursions for our trip to Kauai in 2 weeks!  My roomie and I made a Greek dinner to start the planning (We went to Greece together and can't keep our minds off it!) was sooooooooooooooo yummy.  We made Chicken Gyros and a traditional Greek salad along with sides of Tapanade, Feta with sun-dried tomatoes, and Taziki (however that's spelled).  I think I'm going to dream about that tonight!...not to mention we had awesome brownies for dessert!  YES!  Are you drooling yet?  I am... 

Anyhow, we planned for a 4.5 hour ziplining tour at a Princeville Ranch which includes 9 ziplines, along with some crazy bridge, and some lunch and jumping in creeks or rivers... the Tour is called ZIP N DIP PRINCEVILLE RANCH at Princeville Ranch Adventures.  I'll try to remember to review it after my trip... right now, however, I'm SUPER nervous!!!  I've never done this before and am excited, but I don't think I've pushed myself to this kind of adventurous level since I stupidly street lugged on Mullhollund back in my good ol' college days!  It seems the older I get, the more frighted I seem to be about the possibilities of things that could happen...oh to be young and care free!!  lol..I sound like an old lady!  goodness... I'll get over it.

We also planned out massages at the spa in our'll be my first professional massage ever!!!  I cannot wait for that either....ahhhhhh!  I'm jeolous of my future self already!

We tried to book our snorkeling boat tour around Napali Coast, however the website wasn't cooperating with us at that poing (odd, being that it was the same site we used to book our zip line tour...)  We will try to book it tommorrow.

We might try surfboard lessons and or parasailing once we get there, but will leave it to spontinaity until then...

I'm going to have a lot of firsts on this trip and I am quite excited....we'll see how it all goes!  So far it looks like we're doing pretty good on our budget for spending money...we planned on about $600-$1000 for excursions, etc but were only at about 300 right now, so I think we will be pretty much on the spot or maybe even lower than expected!  Makes the trip even better!!! 

Updates to come after my trip or if we plan anything else... maybe I'll upload some pics from tonight later on too....

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photo by: hauteboy