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So I've been very bad about keeping this blog up.  Since I know Kelly is keeping everyone amused and updated, and including pictures, its been easy for me to say, I'll update tomorrow!

I've got 8 minutes left on the computer so lets see how this goes. 

Sydney was amazing.  A great metropolitan city, with the energy, fashion, food, and culture of a New York or London, but... to my mind better weather, friendlier people and a much more laid back "tude".  The only night we went out to dinner (thanks to the great free happy hour at the Marriott) it was at a really nice, higher scale place.  Amazing food, and night time views of the city that were unmatched.  The dress code was "urban casual".  I went in black jeans, which made me about 1/2 step more dressed then the rest of us- everyone there was pretty sporty, but they didn't care, and a good time was had by all.  In Manhattan we would have never gotten in.  Like I said very laid back.

The weather couldn't have been better, warm and sunny with no humidity.  As you've already read, we did animals, fishes, parks, beaches all fun & great photo op's.  I have gotten some very nice photo's - and one of these years, when I figure out how to down load them, you'll see them.  In the meantime, continue to check out Kelly's stuff.  A few of her pictures are actually mine.   I think one of the places I enjoyed the most was the "wild world animal thing".  Susan our photo mentor would have been so proud.  Kelly and I spent several hours there.  Enjoying everything we saw, well except for the snake part.  Kelly closed her eyes, and I had to actually take her by the hand and lead her thru it, as she was that freaked by the slimly buggers.  Quess we know what "house" she wouldn't be in if she was in Harry Potter land!  Between the butterfly exhibt, and the birds, that almost dived bombed into your camera lens, it was photo heaven.  It was also there that we saw the kanagroo's, wallaby's etc.

Friday night we went to hear the symphony at the famous Opera House.  It was quite wonderful.. I wasn't familar with the music, but it was fun to watch the conductor, he really gets a work out.  The other thing I had never noticed how the various sections moved in unison, especially the string section.  Put me in a dark room however and well...zzzz-not quite, since Jeff had strict orders to poke me if he saw me "going down".  Luckly he only had to do that maybe three times, and there was no snoring!

Another thing I was very impressed about is how much the Aussie's make a point to honor their war dead.  I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but they have a lot of monuments all over the city for as they say..."lest we forget".

Sunday it was up early, and we flew like the rest of the world - economy to Uluru (aka Ayers Rock, the Red Centre.)  It was beautiful and warm, with no humidity.  We're in a room with 4 bunk beds, but we've got our own bathroom, no free food, but lovely people, and about as far  from anything as you can imagen.  Last night , we choose our meat and BBQ it ourselves.  I had croc, and it was very tasty...better and more favorfull then chicken.  People sit out at big picnic benches, and a guy plays guitar and sings.  It was fun.  Won't be meeting a lot of Aussies here.  Everyone  visiting seems to be from someplace else, and most of the housekeeping staff is from Japan.  But that's ok.
Yesterday, was warm, 80's no humidity.  Today it was bloody cold, and its even RAINING!   This in a place that probably only gets 6 inches in a year!  Oh well that's what makes it exciting.  Tomorrow I will meet the tour bus at  6 AM for a sunrise tour of the Uluru.
So for now I will say  good night
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Uluru - Kata Tjuta
photo by: Morle