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Ok, so I feel like a total country bumpkin, coming to the big city, looking up at all the big buildings.

Traveling First Class is very cool.  They have shorter  lines for security, big comfy seats, and drinks, lots of drinks, all kinds of drinks, (mostly the alcoholic kind ..)

and  food, who the hell eats warm nuts, and needs a warm towel to clean your hands?  We got  menus, had a 3 course meal, and did I mention the drinks?  They don't do trays, (like the normal folk in the back who have to pay $3.00 for a cookie, and are lucky to get water)

they hide them in the arm of your chair (very civilized).  Needless to say I was impressed.

I would also highly recommend that if you are ever going to  travel any kind of distance, that you hitch your wagon to someone who travels for

a living.  They know all the shortcuts, and can probably get you into a very nice "club" for when you have a very looong layover- where you will be able to get more drinks...and did I mention that you don't pay for any of these drinks!

So now I've been up almost 17 hours, we've got 2 and 1/2 hours before we leave for Aukland, in business class on the top deck of a 747.

I'm told the seats go flat, you get a comfy quilt, more food, movies, more drinks, maybe even jammies- I can only say God Bless Us Everyone.

I think I'll go get a drink.

rkinnish says:
I think I'd like to see you 47 drinks in. And I swear to whatever deity you pray to I will fly business class if i go anywhere but FL.
Posted on: Aug 10, 2009
Documama says:
You've been up for 17 hours and 47 drinks. :) We may never get you off the plane! That will be your whole vacation!

I'm going to be carrying you *and* Jeff through the plane change in Auckland, aren't I?
Posted on: Aug 09, 2009
jteitel says:
You should definately go get a drink (says the one who travels for a living).
Posted on: Aug 09, 2009
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