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Wroclaw Glowny

In the morning, we checked out of our hotel and walked back to the train station, where we tried to figure out what train to take.

We had regional tickets, so we looked for the 7622 which was supposed to leave at 10am. We found the platform and waited for our train to arrive.

Now I've travelled by train a lot in Belgium. I've also taken trains in Holland, Germany and Italy. We took a ramshackle train to Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic. But... nothing could have prepared me for this. Something I can only describe as prehistoric coughed its way into the train station and then sat there weezing and waiting for us to get on.

Which was easier said than done.

We managed to sling our luggage into the wagon and then clambered on up after it.

And so our train trip began. Three different train conductors checked our ticket and all 3 shook their head and explained to us in perfect Polish that something was wrong.

Since they didn't press us for any money, we figured it wasn't too bad. Conductor number 3 however decided to explain it to us. He thought that if he spoke Polish very slow, we would perhaps understand.

He even drew on the back of our ticket and wrote numbers on it. We still didn't get it.

I guess in the end that we had paid too much. That maybe the first person paid 22 zloty and the second paid only 17, when we had both paid 22. I don't know. It was entertaining and a welcome distraction since this bloody train stopped every thirty seconds.

It took us over 3 hours to get to Wroclaw, where we arrived starved and dehydrated and feasted on our first zapikanki, which I, until probably the last day, always mispronounced and turned into zakipanki, pakizanki or 'that pizza thing'.


Then we made another mistake. We bought our tickets to Krakow from a total moron.

I had, again, clearly written down in Polish which train we needed on what day at what time and the dumbass still gave me a ticket for the wrong date.

I knew it would be useless to try and explain the mistake and besides, another 217 people were waiting in line, so when we found a 'travel center', we decided to try our luck there.

Thank god somebody there spoke English and exchanged our ticket for a new one for the right day. This however took several papers in duplicate and took about half an hour.

And then we could walk to our hotel, which took a whopping 40 minutes in the blistering sun and suffocating heat. I had already started to think Antarctica would have made a nice alternative to this whole Poland trip.

After checking in to the hotel and having a nice cold shower, we set off on a little walk, away from the nearby Rynek. We walked along the water, sat down and complained about the heat repeatedly - well, that would have been me mostly - and then went grocery shopping and returned to the hotel.

We wondered where to go for dinner, but when we walked out of the hotel, we came across a Georgian restaurant which looked rather inviting. We sat down for a wonderfull meal and then decided to go for a walk around the Rynek. Here, however, we were accompanied by 2000 mosquitos, which would only sting us the moment we stood still.

So, if you were in Wroclaw at that time and saw 2 people speedwalking around the Rynek, taking pictures... that would have been us.

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Wroclaw Glowny
Wroclaw Glowny
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