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After a complete day in Chile, just enough to realize I would be a millionaire in that country due to their insane exchange rate, $5000 Pesos to a Dollar, and to have two steak meals, I moved on to Argentina.  I got there via a 12 hour bus ride which was actually quite painless in fully reclinable chairs.  In fact it would have been even faster had we not had to watch ¨Knowing¨with Nicholas Cage and some awful movie about the moon crashing into the Earth.  We, I was still travelling with the group of people I went to the Salt Flats with, arrived in Salta around 10 pm and wandered to about 4 or 5 hostels before being able to check in to one.  There was a concert in Salta the next day with some guy named Indio Solari.  He has quite a following in Argentina it seems, almost everyone in the entire city was not only under 30, but unfortunately also a hippie, complete with hip long dreads.  We went out for a late dinner by our standards, but just on time by Argentine ones, eating about 1130 just in time to beat the night rush.  Argentines do just about everything later than I am used to, but it seems to work out just fine for them. We didn´t do much after that, went to the hostel and just hung out for awhile over a couple of beers.

The next day we switched to a much nicer hostel, more like a house than a hostel.  We just hung out playing ping pong and watching soccer for most of the afternoon. That night hte hostel had amassive bbq with lots of wine.  It was happily appreciated by all of us coming from Bolivia due to the tastelessness of the food there.  We ended up staying there until about 2 and then it was off to the bar district.  The bars dont really get going until around 3 to our amazment as we walked into a mostly empty night club at 230.  However our night got going quicky when the Dutch guy, Remko, proposed to his girlfriend while we were there.  It was an unusual move considering they had been all over the world and he waited until a mediocore night club in Salta, but no one seemed to care.  We stayed till quite late, or early, im not sure how to describe it.  I ended up getting to the hostel with no real problems, other than ringing in my ears, however one of the Irish guys couldn´t make his way back and just headed the 7am mass at the massive church downtown. I´m sure they were pleased to have him join.

The next day, obviously was a write off. I spent most of it wandering the town aimlessly and buying a bus to Mendoza, the heart of the Argentinian wine country.
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photo by: wvijvers