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So after a couple days in Lima, I decided I had had enough of the city and got out of there.  Knowing I needed to be in Arequipa for the 15th I got a bus ticket to a small oasis town called Huacachina. No one actually lives there during the year, it exits solely due to tourists and the people who work there commute the 5k from the larger town, Ica.  The bust there was not bad, about 5 hours, however the movies were awful.  Kung Fu Dunk sucks as does whatever movie John Cena was in.  I got to Ica at about 6 or 7, it was dark either way and had to get into Huacachina, but there are taxis and tuk tuks everywhere. I was accosted by a tuk tuk driver who was about 18 maybe younger but he had the cheapest rates so I figured what the hell, he doesnt want to die as much as me so  I jumped in.  He was enthusiastic about figuring out who I was while packing my stuff into the back, asking all the same questions of where I was from, how long i had been in Peru etc.  He went to start the vehicle, but there was no key or even a steering wheel. He, instead, ripped on the pull start like on a lawn mower and we took off,  I was feeling less comfortable now.  I asked him where the seat belt was in the back, he just laughed, and then proceeded to plow into the back of a tour bus. Not an ideal start to my tuk tuk experience.  Anyways he got me there alive which was all that mattered.  I went and had dinner down the road from the hostel, and invited myself to a table with 8 people, 3 Canadians, 2 Brits and 2 Aussies.  We all had a great time, it was a good meal and we stayed there pretty late.  The next day I went up the sand dunes surrounding the Oasis and realized just how small the whole area was, and also how massive the desert was surrounding it.  HUng out at the pool in the hostel and then later that day went on a dune buggy tour into the desert.  It was awesome.  Sandboarded down some 300-400 ft. dunes, kind of like snowboarding but slower and softer.  We ended up driving around for 2 hours and then watched the sun set across the desert.  A nice view to say the least.  That night I caught a bus to Arequipa. even the nice buses here arent made for 6ft passengers so it was a brutal ride despite the handful of tylenol pms i took.  In Arequipa now and chekced in with my family, a nice place, even by Vancouver standards 
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photo by: yadilitta