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WE haven't left yet. YES WE HAVE.  IT'S GREAT.  WE'RE IN ATHENS NOW. We're still in the planning stages.  "Armchair travelers" at this point.

Maps and online sites and timetables abound my friend...........excitement stirring in our veins...

I'm sure you're saying, "Yeah, sure, 500 bucks. No way."  Well, let me tell you something.  Back in

the 60's early 70's my mom and I traveled around the (ENTIRE) world with the Arthur Frommer & his famous books. Remember?

 "Europe on $5 a day" etc. 

And  - somehow - we did it.  Okay, I got sick in Jarkarta and in India, and the sheets were gray, & the ceiling fans were all the A/C we could even hope for,  and emergency medical staff picked me up from the tarmac next to the wide body aircraft and moved my comotose body out of the "nursing seats" to the waiting ambulance below;    but we DID it, and I learned a lot by traveling like that.  I learned never ever do that kind of traveling again.  Well, I'm an old broad now, I don't look that old, nevertheless, I have a lot of experience(s) under my belt and things didn't work out exactly as I had anticipated, but one thing did and that was AIRLINE PASSES.  So, for my 20 years of hard labor in the airline industry........(WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY FLIGHT IS CANCELLED @#&*()_!!).......I have as my lifelong "pension" a lovely benefit...and that is strickly airline passes to anywhere for free or almost free .  Ofcourse, nothing is free.  An airline person pays dearly for that "free" thing.  You get pulled off planes when the adrenalin is so high, higher than your newest Prada heels,  you sleep in airport terminals or try anyway, while the ceiling TV's play loud commericals and pure crap, or you just never get on the plane for your vacation because they're so doggone overstuffed with humanoids and you go home and cry. Then you go out &  cut the lawn & you vow to travel ONLY on Jewish holidays from now on, ,  Yeah we pay dearly for "free."  BE THAT AS IT MAY,  we're off and trying this once again.  I said "never again" to budget traveling, but traveling is so much in my blood, that if it means doing it on a strict budget, that's what we'll do gladly,  than to not travel ever again.  Travel is pure and simply life at it's most amazing.


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I'm so excited I'm about to hyperventilate!