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Day Two

We arrived in NYC around 11 am. We got to the hotel by about Noon. Traffic was just that bad. New Yorkers are bad drivers. I thought Toronto was bad, lol! they're tame compared to NYC drivers. So any ways, we drop our stuff off at the hotel and immediately start exploring!

We walked down Broadway. Got tickets for some comedy central thing (we didn't end up going cuz we found out what the catch was -_- okies, tix were $5. But you had to buy at least 2 drinks. Drinks were expensive apparently. like $10 O_O). We went into a few stores. Went into Saks 5th Avenue. Holy shit. that's all I can say. 10 floors. All highend designer stuff. Saw a hideous Burberry dress selling for $1500. Ya, yikes.

oh! we saw Playboy Enterprises

On our way back to the hotel, around 2:30-ish (check in was 3 pm.
walkin down broadway
our bags were being stored in a special room until check in time) we decided on where we were going for din din. There was this old fashion diner just down the street from us that smelt goooooood! So we get to the hotel, get our keys and bags. I was the first one from my room to arrive so I got the shower first! BOOYA!!!!! Water pressure was shit.

After I was all squeaky clean, I met up with Alexa and Christa. They were ready to go for din din so we left ahead of everyone else. We went into the diner, got our seats and ya, guess what, not so cheap. So we left. Walked around for a bit. Found a pizza place and had pizza! Walked around some more, looking for this store called Forever 21. Took us 2 hours to find it! Well, we were misinformed about it's location. We were told it was on 5th st. Didn't see it. Then we were told 34th and 7th. Didn't see it. Found it finally at 34th and Broadway.

I bought 2 cute tops from Forever 21. But the place was a mess. Seriously, I have NEVER seen a store so messy! It was insane! Alexa had a hell of a time. The girls working were bitches. So she complained to management. Go Alexa! lol! We went to the Hershey Store. Not too exciting. Went to the M&M's store. So freakin awesome! 3 storeys! I bought a big pillow shapped like a bag of m&m's ^_^ We took pics in time square. it was awesome. Got back to the hotel around 11:30-ish, lol!
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walkin down broadway
walkin down broadway
me in front of Parsons
me in front of Parson's
New York
photo by: herman_munster