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on the ferry going to the statue of liberty

Day Four

We basically could do whatever we wanted. So me, Alexa, Christa, Summer, Sydney, Trenna and Steph All decided to tour around together in a group. We got our metro passes for the subway and took it down to the south end of the island. As we were on the train we found out if you want to get off at the ferry stop you need to be in the 1st five cars. We had no idea what car we were in. So I think it was Alexa and Trenna who went to hop the train was're not supposed to do that. there's even a sign, lol! So at the next stop, the rest of us hop to the next car. guess what? the car we were in oringally was car #2 -_- we didn't need to hop, lol!

But we basically had the car to ourselves.
These 3 blacks guys came on and starting singing. It was great. They were in perfect harmony too! We got off at Battery Park and got tickets to take the ferry over to see, as Alexa put it, "the Lady in the Green Dress" lol! she kept forgetting it was called the statue of Liberty, hehe.

As the ferry arrives at the island, we decided to just go back. we couldn't go up in it cuz there were too many tours going through. Steph and Trenna were on the lower deck and we tried calling for them. We saw them get off and we told them to get back on, that we were oging back. They wanted to look around and said we'd hook up later. Fine, whatever. So we get back to land and start exploring the financial distric. We saw Wall St. Saw ground zero. That was very surreal.
I dunno. It was just....sad.

Alexa bought a coach knock-off purse from some guys selling them on the street. It's really nice. I wanted to steal it. We walked up towards chinatown. We walked down Canal St. Famous for selling knock-offs. It was fun ^_^ all these asian people walking up and down the street, standing at corners chanting lowly "gucci, prada, chanel" or "handbags, handbags, handbags" some carried little flyers, holding them low and saying "you want handbag?"

We went with one woman. She led us down a street to a building that looked like a chinese resurant. There were 2 doors, one to the resturant, another that went to a narrow hallway. We went down the hallway to a little room. Wall to wall handbags, wallets and purses.
I bought 2 knock-off coach purses. Reall nice ^_^ $35 each. She originally wanted $50 for one of them. The whole experience wasn't that scarey. I mean, everyone else who went to Canal St made it seem really scarey.

We walked some more. Walked through SoHo. Made it to Greenwich Village. We stopped and got food, then took the subway up to 34th. We saw Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building (didn't go up b/c visibility was 0 and it cost like $18 a person o_o) and the crystler Building. Oh! We went to Grand Central Station. GOREGOUS! It's soooooo pretty!!!!

On our way home I kinda almost got us lost....hehe....I was the navigator the entire time. I was the only one with a sense of direction, so I was told, lol! But uh yea.
...We jumped on the express train which we shouldn't have. We ended up at 72nd street. Our hotel it on 57th. Yea.....But the problem was fixed easily. We just went to the other side and caught a non-express train south and got off at 59th street.

We made it back in one piece! lol! showered and just chilled in one room. Called two of our teachers and invited them to drink with us. That was great. Drew told this hilarous joke! I'd tell it but I couldn' do it justice.

Oh!!! Just remembered! When were were at one of the subway stations there was this little person (a dwarf) dressed as Micheal Jackson. He was dancing to Beat It and then Billy Jean. He was so good! Even did the moonwalk!
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on the ferry going to the statue o…
on the ferry going to the statue …
New York
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