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I didn't take as many pictures on Oahu as I should have. Or maybe I did, and I just need to scan them into my computer now. I hate having hard copies of good pictures when I want to share them digitally.

I said goodbye to my friend Elizabeth in Maui and headed for Oahu. I rented a car so I could see the island. I landed and was going to head to Pearl Harbor first to see the USS Arizona Memorial, but I forgot that it was Pearl Harbor Day so they were having some special ceremonies and things going on so I'd have to wait til the following day. When I got there the next day I was amazed at how simple yet moving a memorial it is. Just a long white structure straddling the sunken Arizona, still weeping oil into the harbor. It is chilling to realize that so many sailors made the Arizona their final resting place.

I wanted to get out of Honolulu for a bit, so I drove to the north shore. I don't think that the waves were all that overwhelming and if they were I didn't notice it. I am not always one to notice such things anyway, so they could've broken records and I probably still wouldn't have noticed. I had lunch at a restaurant that was completely devoted to surfing. I then wound around the island and ended up back in Waikiki where I was staying for 2 or 3 nights. I visited the beach, went swimming, and wandered around being overwhelmed by the made-for-tourists area. It was quite a difference from the touristy parts of Maui which had resorts but generally lacked the neon lights that Waikiki boasted.

Then, sadly, it was time to return to Wisconsin. But a great escape in December.
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photo by: sandra_s021