Day 4 Travelling Alone, Cheese Volcano #2 and Drinking with a Bum

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I dub thee shrugman.

Early on day 4 Charlie and John had to go back to Azerbaijan.  Our vacations didn’t line up very well and it left me one day alone in Tbilisi, so I did what any good traveler would do, I went around and took as many pictures as I possibly could without offending every person in the country.

I also went back for another cheese volcano, which made me only slightly sick this time, though it was definitely worth it.

I spent the majority of the day figuring out the metro system and getting myself completely familiar with the city.  It is amazing how small Tbilisi really is and it only takes a little bit of time to see everything.  Of course, it takes a lot longer to do everything, because I left plenty undone.

Maybe he is just confused about why the houses are crooked?

In any case, what does a guy do when he is alone in Tbilisi?  Well, I went to a park (the one right in front of the huge St. George statue), got myself a 2 liter plastic bottle of beer and started drinking.

It was relaxing, sitting there watching traffic, enjoying a large bottle of Russian beer.  Of course, my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach and I soon came to realize that I really didn’t want to drink 2 liters of crappy beer, but luckily, to my rescue, a bum showed up and started drinking with me.

I would offer some beer and he would touch my wrist with the straight of his hand as if to thank me for the gift, then he would wave his hands up to heaven as if to thank god for the gift, and then he would start chugging the bottle.  I hadn’t gotten too far on this 2 liter bottle when he got there, but he put large dents in it every time he took a drink.

Soon after I left, leaving him whatever dregs were left in our communal bottle and went back to the hostel to sleep.

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I dub thee shrugman.
I dub thee shrugman.
Maybe he is just confused about wh…
Maybe he is just confused about w…
The buildings to the right are the…
The buildings to the right are th…
Statue of someone.
Statue of someone.
photo by: herman_munster