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We decided to stay two nights at this camping, even though we both didn't like it much. But we wanted to stay near Insbruck a little longer. The camping had a lot of dutch people who only stayed at the camping and watched tv or drank beer. That was our overall impression. There was even a German guy with his satelite dish on our little corner of the camping so he could watch German tv....honestly...why go on vacation then?

Anyway that day we went to the Alpenzoo in Insbruck. It took us a little time to find it but we finally did and arrived at about 9.30. The parking place there isn't so great because on the sign it says that you are only allowed to park there for three hours if you are a visitor of the zoo. Now luckily the zoo isn't so big so you can do it in three hours but it isn't a nice feel.

The alpenzoo itself is gorgeous. It is the highest zoo in Europe at 750m. They only have animals that live in the Alps which gives it a special feel. I especially fell in love with the baby lynx. It was such a sweet and playfull little thing. If you love going to the zoo or if you want a morning or afternoon for the kids, it's a great way to spend it.

In the afternoon we went to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. It's about an hour drive from Insbruck and I wanted to see the ski-jumps since I've wanted ski-jumpings since I was little. So it was great to see a ski-jump for real. The stadium is different from when you see it on the telly but the is because it's a different view I guess. On telly it looks a bit bigger. When we were there, there was something with soccer and kids going on in the field in front of the ski-jump. What exactly wasn't clear though.

We went back to the camping and made a small tour to Hall itself. It has a lot of culture points and if you have time, they are worth visiting. We just passed most by since it was evening already.

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Hall in Tirol
photo by: ruxaa