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The greenwich meantime line

I had a pretty good trip from the border towards Zaragoza. Sometimes you have the luck to meet a fellow driver that drives the same way that you want drive. Just after the border there was one of these Mercedes Benz ML 320 which passed me and he drove pretty good and fast. I decided to follow him and it turned out that he was going the same way and fast.

We had company almost all the 150 km to Zaragoza and it made the trip much more fun. Not far before Zaragoza you pass the Greenwich meantime line and this is marked with a construction that stretches over the motorway. I have now passed it several times and for me it indicates that I have come pretty far into Spain even though it is not the case but that is the feeling it gives me.

The roads here are really good and Spain having the size it has leaves these roads pretty empty except when you enter a big city like Zaragoza. It is actually quite funny that these cities pop up in the middle of nowhere after 100km of driving but this is how it is.

One thing that I also have come to like in Spain are the El Toro signs which are placed along the motorways. I like them so much that I today have one of them stuck on my car. I think it is a brilliant way to signal Spain even though I think it is a commercial for their Sherry.

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The greenwich meantime line
The greenwich meantime line
I am in Spain - Windmills and Bull…
I am in Spain - Windmills and Bul…
photo by: klaaRA