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Waiting for repair

It took us almost 2 hours to reach the Volvo repair shop in Setubal; I had driven the distance much faster before but he was very thoughtful and drove like I hoped for, but I must say that I looked at the Volvo many times to see if it was falling of this smal car.

I entered the Garage and talked to the first guy that I guess understood me but didnt want to talk English. One of the other guys came in; it was a young guy that spoke fluent English and turned out to be a very friendly guy. 

The first message I got was that they would not be able to fix the car before in 10-14 days; they had vacation at their garage and they shipped some of there own cars for repair in Lisbon. I called the assistance again and asked what to do now! because they had moved me more than 80km from my hotel and all my stuff and this garage had no possibility to fix it. They said that they had followed the standard order and that was to tow the car to the nearest workshop and that was it. I was getting a little bit annooyed at them because there was apparently no procedure to check the availability at this nearest garage.

I found out that it might be possible to have the car fixed in Lisbon because the part was there, but I had to pay myself for having the car towed there; I didn't mind that as long as I could have the car fixed faster. After a couple of calls to the Lisbon branch they could not confirm a date for having it fixed.

The manager got a bit of sympathy for me now and promised to have it fixed at their place if I was willing to let the car stay there for 4 days. Well given the fact that one bird in the hand is better than 10 on the roof, I took the deal, the only thing I needed now was that I had to find a rental car for the coming days.

The young guy who spoke English volunteered to drive me to Setubal city centre to a car rental office.; which was just 2km from where we were at the garage. Again I got a big surprise, none one the four car rental offices in Setubal had any cars available! So I again to call the assistance to have them help me look for a rental. For me it was clear; they should have seniorities at some of the car rental companies so it would be much more easy for them to find me a car. I told them that I was even willing to go the 50 km to Lisbon to get a car.


After two hours they called back with the final answer; there were no cars available anywhere! And they could not guarantee one for the following day as well. They advised me to find a hotel in Lisbon for the night and then their Portuguese partner would contact me with the news; good or bad!.

The situation had gotten from good to worse to almost hopeless. All my things were 80km from there and now they wanted me to go further north without any guarantees that I could get a car, and my phones were running out of batteries after talking to the assistance all day.

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Waiting for repair
Waiting for repair
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