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Hoan Kiem Lake by day
I work for a large corporation and they are often driven by innovation, creativity and efficiency. I have to wonder if those things may contradict themselves. How can you be creative when you have a deadline? How can you consider people when you have to make a budget? I think good business is about building relationships especially with those in your industry. After all, we are all trying to achieve something together. Let's act like we are in this together.

Too often it seems we are driven by short-term profits. Why is it human nature to have such short-term thoughts? Is it because we are programmed on survival-mode? maybe we are storing up for the winter? I think it is probably greed. Greed for money and power. We have created a society where materialistic possessions are the goal and people are simply in the way.
Hoan Kiem Lake by night, very romantic
What about the community?

During the past few days, I have spoken to government officials, the world bank, several businesses and developers all working to promote renewable energy in Vietnam. We have spoken about the demand, the resources, the economy and political structure. Vietnam is a fascinating country from what I can see. It struggles to provide basic needs to its people while doing so sustainably and profitably. All while they continue to grow, grow and grow!

I wonder what would happen if we did not grow. I think we need to redefine growth as a rebirth of sorts. Perhaps we can continue to grow if we shed layers like a phoenix. Maybe then, through imagination and innovation we can continue to change and improve life around us.

Things to remember
St. John's cathedral - mysterious in a good way
Riding around on the back of a motorbike - I'm not scared anymore!
Yummy Cha Ca La Vong - ate with a friendly Malaysian lady
Saw the Opera House featuring NY Philharmonic Symphony
Hang Ma Street selling all the paper goods you can imagine
Don Xuan Market - looking behind the curtain of consumerism
Couples in love at Hoan Kiem Lake, beautiful contrast of architecture and nature
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Hoan Kiem Lake by day
Hoan Kiem Lake by day
Hoan Kiem Lake by night, very roma…
Hoan Kiem Lake by night, very rom…
Halong Bay
Halong Bay
Boating through the Bay
Boating through the Bay
Kayaking in the caves
Kayaking in the caves
photo by: mario26