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Today we started out with the Hellbrunn trick fountains tour!  We thought we were looking for the right bus (we had a map and a bus schedule) and we thought we were waiting at the right station, but after waiting WAAAYYY too long we moved down the road for a different stop and finally found the right bus (number 25). 


The tour was crowded, probably about 30 people of all ages.  I didn't get wet during the first trick fountain display and was able to take pictures of everyone else, thinking to myself, "I can outsmart these fountains - I won't get wet".  HAHAHA.  I definitely got wet by the end of the tour.  Of course I can't give away any fancy secrets or those of you out there who are going on the tour wouldn't get to be surprised!  And in my twisted little mind, the world would not be right if anyone made it through that tour without getting at least a little wet.  :)  Luckily, my camera made it through without incident.


We walked around the gardens after the tour and found the Sound Of Music gazebo! (Site of "16 Going on 17" and "Something Good")  Jesse didn't care much, but I was ecstatic!  However, it was really funny when I realized that only an American would be excited over this gazebo.  No one else in the whole place cared about it except for me.  I took plenty of pictures of me with the gazebo to make up for others' lack of interest.  :)


Jesse and I found some giant pretzels at a snack cafe there, and that was our lunch!  Yum!!!  I think we've found a new addiction.


From there, we went back to the bus stop and took it all the way to its last destination, Untersberg!  We rode the cable car up to the peak (included in our Salzburg card) and had amazing panoramic views the whole way up.  At the top, though, we were in thick fog and couldn't see very far.  The mist was rolling around us, which was actually pretty cool (literally - I was glad I had my sweatshirt with me).  We spent probably about 45 minutes just walking around and hoping for the clouds to roll away, but alas, this did not occur.  The pathways are all gravel, very slippery when going up or down steep areas, so if you're headed this way make sure you wear shoes with good tread!  Took the cable car back down into the sunshine and on the way down we spotted the large white house from the Sound Of Music with its lake!  


Back at the bottom we took the bus back to town and made our way to the Residenz museum.  We took the audio tour (I think it was included with our Salzburg card as well), which was really interesting, although somewhat less grand than the Schonnbrunn Palace.  :) 


We walked back to the hotel (I love walking through Salzburg - I could do it all day.  Well.... I DID do it all day some of the time, haha) and relaxed until deciding where to go for dinner.  Jesse just could NOT be persuaded to try a traditional Austrian meal (breaded veal didn't sound that great to him, plus those restaurants are expensive and it would be impossible for a tourist to tell whether the food was touristy or not), so we decided on - or rather, I begged Jesse into acquiesence - Chinese!!  It was delicious!


Tomorrow - MORE!

dothoin says:
enjoyed salzburg also spent a few days there in 2007
Posted on: Jan 11, 2010
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