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This morning after breakfast (same typical European cold spread) we walked back over to the boat rental place.  We rented a little electric boat for an hour and a half (22 euro - not bad!) and went trolling around the lake on it.  It was BEAUTIFUL weather - sunny and a little cool - although I felt I was getting sunburned by the time we came back in.  We toodled around "our side" of the lake for a while, watching hangliders leap from the cliffs and float gently around so far above the water.  It looked like an amazing experience (maybe we'll try that next time).  :)  Then we drifted on down toward the other end of the lake, found some grazing cows and some rope swings/ diving boards that looked like they would have been lots of fun to use!  However, the water was too cold for us to think about getting in (Floridians that we are ;).    I took about 500 pictures... okay, maybe not QUITE that many, but probably close.  I'm sure all the pictures look the same, but about every 5 seconds I'd be like, "Oh!  I think the view is even prettier from THIS angle!!!!"  I'm sure Jesse was rolling his eyes at me, but I didn't notice.  :)


We went back for lunch to that same cafe and got bratwurst, fries and beer of course.... AND another kaiserschmaren!  Couldn't resist.  Then we went back to the hotel, gazed out the windown/sat on the balcony, and took a lovely nap!   After relaxing, we decided to hike up the the waterfall you can see from some parts of the town and from the lake.  We had trouble finding the stairs to climb (even now I can't exactly remember where the CORRECT way began, we did so much aimless wandering), but eventually we did find the way and climbed and hiked all the way up.  It was windy and cold near the waterfall, and we got an amazing view down over the lake and learned about the mineral deposits that formed the land where Hallstatt is now located.  And took MORE pictures, of course.  Haha....


We decided to try eating at a different restaurant tonight, but after walking back and forth trying to find another suitable place on the water, we couldn't find any menus we liked better than our own hotel's restaurant, so back we came.  After much deliberation, we ordered beef goulash (mine) and chicken with bacon and noodles in a creamy sauce (Jesse's) and enjoyed them both.  Dessert tonight was sacher and cappuccino.  I didn't care for the sacher (too dry and chocolatey for my taste) but Jesse didn't seem to have a problem finishing it on his own.  :)


This has been such a relaxing part of our vacation!  I feel as though I could sit here drinking in the views forever.  However, tomorrow we shall be off to Heiligenblut and the alps, and I can't imagine THAT will be too bad.  :D

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photo by: yenhoon