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Stayed with a friend in Downtown Phoenix, AZ.  I have no photos, unfortunately, just memories and recommendations.  First off, Phoenix is not as metropolitan as I imagined it being.  Only a very small portion of Phoenix suits the typical urban jungle motif.  The rest of it is very much sub-urban and Phoenix, it seems, is always under some type of construction!  The heat was insane, but all in all I left the city with a good impression.  The type of people you see all around I can draw a comparison to Seattle.  A very artsy looking crowd for the most part.  There is plenty to do and explore in and around Phoenix, just depending on what you like.  There's an abundance of eateries, antique shops, and bars. 

Okay, onto the specifics--My Recommendations:

-Tempe: Very nice, clean downtown strip with all kinds of stuff going on and a young crowd out to have fun on the weekend nights.  

-Scottsdale: See Tempe, but add in a little bit more mula $$$.  

-The Gelato Spot: Outstanding gelato, lots of flavors.  Really, I thought their gelato was best I've ever had. (That's 1)  Not that I'm any kind of a gelato connosiouer, but I've had some gelato here and there and I was able to immediately say, "This is the best gelato I've ever had."  

-The Lux Coffee Bar: Ahem...the best coffee I've ever had.  I'm usually a black with milk or cream kinda guy.  Seldom do I hove over to Starbucks for a gourmet coffee, but in the few times I have, the white chocolate mocha with whipped cream at the Lux beat all the mocha carmel frappacino mocchiatoes I've ever had at any Starbucks.  (That's 2)  

-Postino Central: First time I've ever tried bruschetta, and it just so happened to get catapolted into "the best food I've ever had."  So incredibly delicious!  And this is one category where I've been around the block a few times.  So I do believe that this one may carry some weight to it.  Huge and rare beer and wine selection as well.  Fantastic establishment!  PS-Go for the Lion Stout beer.  You'll be glad you did.  One of the best beers I've tried in recent memory. (And I love to try all kinds of different beers)  (That's 3)

Honorable Mentions:

-The Yard House: HUGE beer selection and good specials on certain nights.  Don't remember the specifics.  Hell of a place to go and have fun for a night out.  

-Mojo Yogurt: Delicious frozen yogurt that is very rich and full bodied.  The exact opposite of the watery, icy yogurt I was expecting.  Tons of cool flavors and a nice, unique self serve system to get yourself a cup of whatever combinations and toppings you please.  

-In and Out Burger: Being a guy from the Northeast, I have only heard of the legendary In and Out Burger from heresay.  Finally got to try it while I was in Arizona, and it may not have blown my face off, but indeed; it was a helluva good, fresh made burger.  Way to go In and Out.  PS-The fries are actually made from real potatoes, they cut them in a press in front of you, however, eat your fries before they start to get cold!  Otherwise, they lose their chewyness and become quit dry and hard.  

-Arizona Diamondbacks Game:  Very very nice, modern stadium that shields the players and fans from the scorching Arizona heat via retractable roof.  Very good time to be had for not too much money at all.
keypunker22 says:
I don't golf
Posted on: Feb 27, 2010
henry145 says:
Thats rea;;y a nice a description of all the best places in phoenix. My favourite of all these is Tempe. I hope Golfing is an important aspect of life in Phoenix and I wonder why you refrained yourself ffrom writing on it.
phoenix az
Posted on: Feb 27, 2010
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